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TBNs Smile of a Child TV Network Gaining Global Recognition

WDC Media News

LOS ANGELES (September 25, 2006) --- Parents around the globe are smiling easier now that their kids are tuned in to one of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s (TBN’s) most recent offerings. And the feedback from countries the world over -- thanks and kudos for the faith-friendly broadcasts on TBN’s Smile of a Child Network – are almost as fascinating as the shows themselves.

“We wanted this programming to be reminiscent of simpler times,” explains Brenda Rossman, Smile of a Child TV’s programming director. “And so did a world full of others who have written to say how thankful they are for the Smile of a Child Network – wholesome programming that kids love and parents can trust.”

The new addition to TBN’s family of Christian television programming debuted Christmas Eve 2005 and, say network executives, the response to the Smile of a Child Network has been overwhelming. Here’s a taste of what viewers have shared:

In Lebanon, a four-year-old child drifts off to sleep after watching Cherub Wings, and dreams, for the first time, of “something white like an angel.” A nine-year-old Muslim in Iran thanks TBN for learning how to “be good to parents and teachers.” In Sweden a woman shares that her prayers have been answered. Hoping for a wholesome children’s TV network for 30 years, she says she now has it, a network that “cares about the small people.”

And in Russia, a mother writes to say she is grateful. “For the first time, children have TV that is really safe, and [it] teaches them about the Lord, and parents can let them watch without worrying,” she says.

Parents, says Rossman, had asked for programming that was entertaining as well as morally instructive to children. Smile of a Child delivered, and the response to the network’s 24-hour lineup of quality children’s programming has been phenomenal. New Zealanders, Australians, and Africans are watching on a regular basis, as are viewers across the Americas. Letters of thanks have come from far and wide, including Dubai, Lebanon, Iran, Sweden, and Russia.

Since the Network’s launch, the line up has been enormously expanded, and includes a myriad of exciting new programming.

Nanna’s Cottage fills a void left by the departure of popular children’s shows of the past. With a loveable female character at the helm, Nanna’s Cottage radiates the same spirited, joyful, and gentle learning experience that outstanding, classic programming such as Captain Kangaroo and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood developed their reputations upon.

Animal Action with Greg and Eddie is the hottest new series to highlight our planet’s wildlife. Though the focus is on environmental education, preservation, rehabilitation, and survival, prepare to be entirely entertained, too – and perhaps even inspired to belt out a few, old-fashioned belly laughs.

Saturday Night at the Movies features classic films such as Heidi, MegaBite Man, Heaven Sent, Sterling: Secret of the Lost Medallion, The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend, Home Beyond the Sun, and many, many more … so get that popcorn popping!

New cutting-edge one-hour specials such as The Boulder Buddies, Kidz Quest, Rocfish: A Prodigal Tale, and Deano and the Dynamos Kid’s Crusade Concert are packed with catchy, fun-to-dance-to, uplifting music that kids enjoy, sing along with, learn from ... and remember for life.

State-of-the-art animated shorts like Booples, and clips from The Boulder Buddies run throughout the day, offering a fun approach to learning as well as spiritual nourishment.

Smile of a Child Network, the brainchild of TBN co-founder Jan Crouch, began by providing dolls to poverty-stricken children in Haiti and Costa Rica. The movement grew into the distribution of thousands of toys to children worldwide, as well as the provision of much needed medical care through the building of hospitals. Now, through the power of TV, Smile of a Child is delivering programming to thousands of children across the globe.

“I was longing for the kinds of programming available when I was a child, and I knew others were, too,” says Couch. “I imagined the impact there would be on children’s lives if we could pour all the wisdom and love out there into the hearts of children everywhere through quality TV for kids. Knowing what a powerful tool television is, we felt it was perfectly suited to programming that nourishes and fosters spiritual values.”

Committed to bringing the best moral and biblical teachings to children through creative, imaginative, and constructive television, the Smile of a Child Network has been a labor of love for everyone involved. The programming is completely free of violence and crude humor; the new and innovative network is all about helping young children develop positive social and spiritual skills.

To find out more about the Smile of a Child TV Network, visit www.smileofachildtv.org. To receive the network on satellite or cable, call 1-888-GET-SMILE (1-888-438-7645), or visit www.getsmileofachild.com – today! You can find out more about the entire ministry of Smile of a Child by visiting www.smileofachild.com.

Media Contact
Susan Zahn
WDC Media



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