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Dec 8, 2016
6:00 AM PST

Dr. Creflo Dollar
6:30 AM PST
Pastor John Hagee
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Joel Osteen
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TBN to Air Highlights From Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Love” Conference in Dallas

DALLAS, TEXAS (August 4, 2012) — On July 28 more than 50,000 freedom-loving individuals packed Dallas Cowboys Stadium for an inspiring event called “Restoring Love” with noted conservative radio and television talk show host Glenn Beck. On August 4th at 8 p.m. (Pacific Time), Trinity Broadcasting Network, America’s most watched and request faith-and-family channel, will rebroadcast highlights of the event, including the entire message delivered by Mr. Beck.

“America is standing at a crossroads, but I believe God wants to continue to bless our nation,” said Matt Crouch, TBN’s Vice President of Administration. “The faith of our Founding Fathers, which was based on a reverence and love for God, as well as treating others with respect and dignity, was key to our nation’s success in the past, and it is crucial to America’s future. That is what Glenn focused on in his dynamic address in Cowboy Stadium, and we’re re-broadcasting that evening for our viewers, because we’re convinced it is a message that needs to be re-enforced over and over.”

During his message, Beck rang an authentic copy of the Liberty Bell flown in from Philadelphia, and spoke passionately of how George Washington prayed at Valley Forge. He showed the audience a Bible printed by the United States Congress in the late 1700s, and sitting at a desk once used by Abraham Lincoln, he told the crowd that “it’s time for us to stand for what we believe in. It’s time of us to square our shoulders and take action. Let’s not be America in name only.”

Challenging the audience to stop relying on government to be the helping and healing hands God called them to be, Beck reminded the tens of thousands assembled that it is the obligation of every American to ensure that their nation endures and prospers. “Let us tonight restore love,” he declared, “for love will hold us together.”

“What Glenn Beck had to say to those who joined him in Dallas is a message every American needs to hear at this moment in our history,” emphasized Crouch. That is why we are re-broadcasting this important event.

TBN will broadcast the two-hour program “Restoring Love” With Glenn Beck August 4th, at 8 p.m. (Pacific Time).

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Colby May, E-Mail: cmay@tbn.org; Tel: 202-544-5171

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