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Mar 27, 2015
7:00 PM PDT

Mary of Nazareth
9:00 PM PDT
Dr. Frederick Price
9:30 PM PDT
Leon Fontaine
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Trinity Broadcasting Network Offers Dr. O.S. Hawkins' Best-Selling Devotional Book “The Joshua Code”

LOS ANGELES (March 6, 2014) — Throughout the month of March the Trinity Broadcasting Network, America's most-watched and requested faith channel, is offering a powerful book that lays out a sound scriptural strategy individuals and families can follow to connect with true abundance and success in life.

Entitled The Joshua Code, the book was penned by pastor and business leader O.S. Hawkins, head of GuideStone Financial Resources, a Southern Baptist Convention-affiliated group that serves the retirement needs of more than 200,000 pastors, missionaries, doctors, nurses, professors, and other staff of Southern Baptist and evangelical Christian organizations.

Composed of 52 life-changing chapters, one for every week of the year, The Joshua Code is designed to lead readers on a yearlong adventure of Scripture meditation and memorization, so that the Word of God becomes an integral part of their lives. Addressing such issues as salvation, grace, prayer, integrity, the fruit of the spirit, and many others, The Joshua Code will help individuals and families embrace God's promises for every area of their lives.

God’s Word is powerful and profitable when studied and applied by anyone, the young and the seasoned believer alike,” said Dr. Hawkins in explaining his purpose in publishing the book.

The Joshua Code has been endorsed by a number of high-profile leaders and individuals, including noted speaker and author Dr. John Edmund Haggai of the Haggai Institute, who said that Dr. Hawkins' “emphasis upon the importance of Scripture memorization vibrates once more the lost chord of hiding God's Word in your heart.”

Legendary NFL quarterback Roger Staubach said that “whether on the football field or the field of life you need a playbook.... The Joshua Code is a great resource in understanding the 52 verses every believer should know. I read it regularly in my own devotions and enthusiastically recommend it to my family, friends and fans.”

We're honored to offer Dr. Hawkins' powerful book to our TBN partners this month,” said TBN Vice President Matthew Crouch. “Knowing and embracing God's Word is crucial for every believer. The Joshua Code is an awesome resource that will help to revolutionize the way you understand and apply God's word to your life.”

Click Here for information on receiving your copy of Dr. O.S. Hawkins' book The Joshua Code for your partnership with the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

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