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Employment Opportunities

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Jan 30, 2015
10:30 AM PST

I Will Bless The Lord At All Times
11:00 AM PST
James Robison
11:30 AM PST
I Will Bless The Lord At All Times
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WWRS-TV Brookfield, WI  
Chief Engineer - Full Time
Dec 8, 2014

Job Status

  • Exempt, Full Time

Supervision Received

  • Reports directly to the Station Manager and is evaluated by the manager in terms of general employee performance.

  • Cooperates with and is evaluated by the Network Vice President, Engineering in the area of performance of technical skills, good engineering practice and compliance with corporate and FCC technical policies.

Supervision Exercised

  • Assistant Chief Engineer


  • Fulfill the function of Chief Operator as described in Part 73.1870 of FCC Rules.

  • Responsible to fulfill all duties required of a departmental head.

  • Responsible for maintaining full compliance at all time with all pertinent FCC Rules dealing with technical operations at television broadcast stations as specified in Parts 17, 73 and 74 of the FCC Rules.

  • Responsible for monitoring all transmission facilities to determine compliance with FCC Rules and performing, or supervising the performance of any and all corrective actions and repairs to maintain compliance with the rules, company policy and good engineering practice.

  • Oversee the training of all transmitter operations personnel to a skill level which renders those personnel knowledgeable and capable of performing their duties in compliance with FCC Rules and company policies prior to assuming responsibility in that capacity.

  • Oversee the training of all non‑transmitter operations personnel to a skill level required for the position by the station and good engineering practice.

  • Responsible for maintaining and keeping in proper working order all transmission and studio, and various other electrical/mechanical equipment found at television stations.

  • Responsible for providing personal support in whatever capacity is required to assist in successful production of television programs as needed.

  • Responsible for providing personal support in whatever capacity is required to assist Station Manager to help meet the needs of the station.

  • Responsible for maintaining 24‑hour "on‑call" liaison with station personnel, and available during those time to render emergency assistance. Otherwise, responsible for designating a competent alternate person as a back‑up during illness, vacation and other approved absences.

  • Responsible for maintaining compliance with pertinent FCC Rules as regarding posting or keeping station technical files, records, logs, licenses, permits, authorizations or other required documents. In particular, the weekly performance of the Chief Operator Log Review of the Station Log as specified in Part 73.1870 (c) (3).

  • Responsible for efficient effective scheduling and management of all engineering department personnel, including but not limited to participating in hiring and dismissal decisions and disciplinary actions.

  • Responsible for the purchase of all capital and non‑capital items necessary for proper operation of the facility under direct supervision and cooperation of the Station Manager (and in some cases the Network Vice President of Engineering) at the lowest possible cost to the station.

Position Requirements

  • Working knowledge of general electronic theory

  • Computer literacy and systems familiarity

  • Analog and digital component level trouble‑shooting skills as applied to television transmitters, microwave systems, satellite receive systems, studio, electrical, mechanical and other equipment used in television broadcast stations.

  • Knowledge of all FCC Rules pertinent to television broadcast technical requirements as found in Parts 17, 73 and 74.

  • Supervisory skills sufficient to properly and efficiently train, schedule and manage a technical staff.

  • Organizational skills sufficient for timely filing of required company reports, FCC reporting and logging requirements, scheduling of preventative maintenance and general coverage of required activities of the engineering department.

  • Previous experience as chief engineer or technical supervisor at a television broadcast station is preferred.

Education and Certifications

  • High school diploma (or equivalent)

  • Two or more years of college level electronics curricula or bona fide electronics school/military equivalent.

  • Valid FCC radio operator permit.

  • Society of Broadcast Engineers certification preferred.

  • Valid Drivers license

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