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Jan 26, 2015
6:00 AM PST

Dr. Creflo Dollar
6:30 AM PST
Pastor John Hagee
7:00 AM PST
Joseph Prince
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Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord brings the highest caliber of guests from well-known celebrities to laypersons for interview, as well as, singers, musicians, evangelists and the coverage of revivals and crusades from around the world.

Recent Podcasts

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Dwight Thompson hosts Kermit and Tami Alexander, Ron and Judy Radachy, Alberto Bello, Don Piper, and music by Del Way.
Thursday Jan 22, 2015
Dr. Mark Chironna hosts, Pastor Bob Hazlett, Pastor Mahesh Chavda, Pastor Bobby Conner, and music by Anthony and Brittany Shepherd.
Wednesday Jan 21, 2015
Dwight Thompson hosts Max Lucado, Ben Dailey, Bil Cornelius, and music by Mike Purkey.
Tuesday Jan 20, 2015
Arthur Blessitt, Donnie McClurkin and Clifton Davis host Rev. Jesse Jackson, William Bell, Sr., Terri Sewell, Dr. Bernice King, Sheila Jackson Lee, John Lewis, Doug Jones, Gayle King, Robert Bentley, Eric Holder and Rev. Joseph Lowery
Monday Jan 19, 2015
Matt & Laurie Crouch host Pastor Leon Fontaine from Springs Church and CEO of Miracle Channel, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Donnie McClurkin, and music by Donnie McClurkin.
Thursday Jan 15, 2015
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