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Dec 10, 2016
10:00 AM PST

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Paul & Denise and Isabelle Goulet Family
Interviewed by Dwight Thompson

"When the power of God hit, it just blew everything apart"

Pastor of International Church of Las Vegas
Planted 3 Bible Institutes
Isabelle, healed of cancer


Interview Topics:

Conversion through Campus Crusade
{{Pastor Paul}} It's because of Bill Bright and campus crusade for Christ that I got saved. I was playing hockey in Canada. I'm French Canadian, and a group of athletes in action came in the dressing room and shared the gospel. I'd never heard it. I was 18. They talked about receiving Christ in your life. They talked about the abundant life. And I thought, I want an abundant life. I tried to do it through hockey and partying and everything else in life and none of it brought me happiness. Two weeks later, I accepted Christ because of their witness and Campus Crusade for Christ discipled me one on one. They started me in the Bible. They introduced me to the Word and prayed with me. I remember one time when I went out as a brand new Christian, I was discouraged, and we want out partying with my friends, and the next morning they came to my room and loved me and said, "What happened?" I told them what happened the night before. They never condemned me. They took me by the hand and said we want you to grow with the Lord, and we'll help you. I moved in with the staff members from Campus Crusade. Tonight, being able to meet Bill Bright, I always wanted to thank him. They don't know what happened in my life. They don't know my life was changed. What a tremendous honor to be here tonight with Bill Bright. It overwhelmed me.

Daughter with Cancer
{{Paul Goulet}} The power of God has been moving in our church for the last six years. When it started moving at first I was reluctant because I was frightened by the power of God. So I actually grieved the Holy Spirit for about a year. I said, "Lord, I don't want You to move in power anymore. I'll preach the gospel, and I'll love people and lead them to Christ, but I don't want your power." God gave me a second chance--after about a year and a half he gave me a second chance--and I got prayed over... The power of God hit my life. We took that back to the church. We were a small church in Las Vegas. And when the power of God hit, it just blew everything apart... You talk about knowing him and knowing his power, but then it brought us to the third door, which is the fellowship of his sufferings. In one year we had four accidents, one snowmobile accident, three car accidents, then we opened the sanctuary that seats 3,100 people. The day after they took Isabelle to the doctor because she had a growth in her neck, and immediately that day they found out it was cancer. I didn't care about the church anymore. I didn't care about the building. All I cared about was my baby's health. We went through the last year one of the most difficult trials we could ever imagine.

"Identify with Suffering"
{{Isabelle}} I found a lump a month before we found out what it was, and God was almost preparing my heart in a weird way. I wasn't totally committed as much as I should have been to the Lord. I was raised in a Christian home, and I never knew the Lord. Like you can know the Word, but you don't understand the impact it can have on your life. You don't understand the true meaning of who He is and the true meaning of his love. When I found out I broke down in tears. And then I said, "I'm going back to school." I was in college at the time. 'I'm going back to finish my semester.' That was the first thing that hit me. I started chemotherapy. I finished my semester in college. I found out in October I had Hodgkin's disease. In December I started chemotherapy, and I went through the treatments and I started losing my hair, and I shaved my head one night and three of my girlfriends came over and got their heads shaved. There's a funny story about that. When I first found out, I was angry. I said, "This is not a joke." "We're not doing this for attention." I said, "This is very meaningful, this is very hard for me." One day I was singing a love song to Jesus, and I was singing in church and this is when I realized the trueness of their love, I realized that they shaved their head to identify with my sufferings. That's what Christ did. He died for us. My suffering would be to identify with His sufferings. The sacrifice He made for my life--that showed the sacrifice he made for my life, because I realized the sacrifice my friends had made for me. That's when I fell in love with Jesus in a new way.

Family Healings
{{Denise}} I was devastated. When the doctor told me I was alone. He told me the same day she had the lump removed. It just hit me so hard. I can't believe it. This doesn't happen to Christians. Cancer was the last thing on my mind even when she found the lump, I didn't think of that. When I saw my daughter, that same day I had to tell her when I went back to the room I had to tell her. That same day after we all met as a family, she said, "I'm going back to college." She was so strong. I said, if she is able to get back on her feet like this, get in her little truck she had just gotten that weekend, her whole life was ahead of her, she said I'm going back to college and I'm going to finish this semester, even though she was sick and it was difficult semester, I said I better swallow this and stand up in faith and believe God will do something through that girl. It was a difficult semester, but deep down I knew God would use this for his glory. And the reason I wanted to take her to Benny Hinn crusade was my mom was healed though a Catherine Kuhlman thing. She was in her hospital bed at home, and my aunt went to a service and said I'll stand in the gap for children. We had six children at home, and she was healed. Later on I went to a Catherine Kuhlman service, and I remember at 12 years old. The power of God, being a strong Catholic, I saw miracle after miracles in that service. And I remember saying, I'm going to go to the Benny Hinn crusade. And boy, our lives have been changed even more. What we have learned through this, You cannot learn it on a mountaintop.

Healed of Cancer
{{Isabelle}} My mom took me to a Benny Hinn crusade, and the power of God totally touched me. I had a lot of pressure going to the meeting. I said, "What if I don't get healed? We have this church." God said, "Isabelle, you know me now. Just seek my face." I said, "God, You know You're my God; You're my maker. You'll be my God if you heal me or not. I'll get through this. You already made me a better person, and daily I'm trying to die to my flesh and You do what You want to in this meeting." And God's power just touched me. That Monday we went back and got a cat scan and it was totally clear.

Pain Partners
{{Pastor Paul}} The word fellowship of his sufferings means partnership. What I remember doing is I'm the one who shaved Isabelle's head in the bathtub that day, and I'm the one that rubbed her feet because she was in pain. Denise went to chemotherapy. Often times I would rub her feet and I would say, "Lord, all things work together for good. I don't know how this can happen and how you can take something this horrible and bring good out of it, but I'm believing you right now and partnershiping with your sufferings. I'm going to attach myself to what's happening. I'm not going to run from it or hide in a hole or pretend it doesn't hurt. It hurts. It's killing me right now. Romans 8:28. Somehow, some way you'll bring good out of this." Our church has been transformed by not only the healing but from the sufferings. As we went through it, I kept preaching, we kept ministering and loving people. Now I can identify with people who are suffering the way my daughter suffered, and I'm starting to get a glimpse of what it really means to partner with his sufferings. A couple of days ago we had the Benny Hinn crusade in Las Vegas, and on Thursday and Friday night we must have been seen six thousand people saved in two nights. When I was standing up there, it was like the Lord said, "Paul, see I've turned your daughter's cancer for good. I healed her." Genesis 50:20. For the saving of many souls.