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Message from Paul Crouch

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Dec 6, 2016
1:30 PM PST

David Reagan
2:00 PM PST
3:30 PM PST
God Came Near with Max Lucado
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A message from Paul Crouch...

When Dad passed away, he left no will. He did not intend to place that kind of burden on Mother and us five children. Dad was so typical of God's people. We were looking for the coming of the Lord. We were preaching the Gospel. Surely, we would all be alive till the trumpet of the Lord would sound!

But Dad was called home. He did not leave anything that we would call an estate today: a car, personal things, a few acres of land in South Dakota; but, oh the extra headache for my dear mother. I wanted to help out, but I was only seven.

Just a little planning means so very much to your loved ones.

Advantages of a Living Trust
  • Avoidance of probate at death
  • Continuity of management of assets during incapacity
  • Reduces costs and delays in distribution of assets
  • Can plan for minimizing estate taxes
  • Less likely to be contested
  • Continued control of assets by trustor, and trustor can amend or revoke as desired
  • Greater privacy than a Will on Intestacy

A few days ago, Jan and I were discussing the awesome growth and expansion of TBN and she asked me: "What will be the future of TBN, if Jesus tarries and we go on home to heaven?"

I had recently been notified that one of our precious partners had remembered TBN in her will and living trust, and another partner had remembered TBN with a lifetime charitable gift annuity, a check for $100,000 had come with the instruction that it be used to build new Christian TV stations. The thought overwhelmed us that it is really up to this generation to insure the future of Christian television. After all, the young people cannot do it alone. They are starting their lives, getting their education, starting families, building homes, etc. We, the seniors of this generation, must do it.

Jan and I have recently begun two small foundations. Most of our resources are being placed in them. When we go home, we have the joy, now, of knowing that our resources will go on winning souls through out TBN. If all of us will do this, we can be sure that the next generation can make it through the transition, until they take hold of the promises of God and make it their own.

Dear Partners, really pray about this, and as God speaks to your heart, remember your TBN in your estate planning. We have a small department that is prepared to help you with this. We can, in most cases, refer you to a Christian attorney in your area who can assist you in creating a will or a living trust.

You will have the joy of knowing your works will follow you, and you will keep on winning souls through your TBN!

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The information provided is not intended as legal advice. Please consult a competent estate planning attorney.