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For Any Pledge Gift

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Mar 27, 2015
7:00 PM PDT

Mary of Nazareth
9:00 PM PDT
Dr. Frederick Price
9:30 PM PDT
Leon Fontaine
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Our Love Gift to You for March: The Jesus Code: 52 Scripture Questions
Every Believer Should Answer

“Among the hundreds of questions asked in the pages of the Bible are fifty-two . . . that every believer should be able to answer.” — O.S. Hawkins

Throughout His earthly ministry Jesus spoke to the hearts and minds of those around Him through soul-searching questions. In this month‘s TBN love gift, The Jesus Code, pastor and best-selling author O.S. Hawkins follows Christ‘s pattern by posing fifty-two thought-provoking questions found throughout Scripture that all Believers should be able to answer in order to grow in our faith and share God‘s love with others. Questions such as What Does the Lord Require of You?, Is Any Among You Sick? and What Must I Do to be Saved? will challenge you to learn what Jesus had to say about these and other subjects. Each question in this book features a short devotional message that will help you find answers from God’s Word and make them a vital part of your daily life.

Please click the button below to submit your donation of any amount to TBN. Your copy of The Jesus Code will be sent to you with our love and thanks for being a part of the TBN Family of Networks as we take the Good News of Jesus to the ends of the earth!

The Crouch Family

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A limited quantity of love gifts is ordered each month. If we run out of the gift, a substitute will be sent in its place. The love gifts offered are not for sale. Please do not ask for more than one love gift. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. NO PHONE ORDERS, PLEASE. Keep the lines open for Salvation, Prayer and Pledge Calls ONLY. God bless you!