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Da Vinci Code Resources

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Sep 22, 2014
2:00 PM PDT

Left Behind
4:00 PM PDT
Samuel Rodriguez
4:30 PM PDT
The Potter's Touch
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Show Airtimes


Jesus, Divine or Da Vinci
Jesus, Divine or Da Vinci, addresses the integrity and historicity of the New Testament documents. This program will show you that the New Testament Gospels are based upon eyewitness accounts of Jesus' ministry and miracles, and have the greatest level of accuracy of all ancient literature. It will also show that The Da Vinci Code claims are fictional and come from a pagan worldview that is hopeless and without redemption.
Airing Sunday, June 11 at 10:00 PM PACIFIC.


The DaVinci Code Delusion with Dr. D. James Kennedy
This week on The Coral Ridge Hour Dr. Kennedy debuts The Da Vinci Delusion , a documentary produced to coincide with the release of the The Da Vinci Code film. This documentary refutes the fraudulent historical claims made in Dan Brown's book and movie. With the help of world-renowned scholars, Dr. Kennedy will show definitively that the historical claims made by Brown are blatantly false and that the faith of Christian believers today is truly "the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."
A one hour special airing on Saturday, May 20th at 9:00 PM PACIFIC.
and again on Friday, May 26th at 8:30 PM PACIFIC.


Where Fact Meets Fiction: The Biblical Christ in a Da Vinci Code Society
Airing Sunday, May 14th at 11:30 PM PACIFIC.
and again on Monday, May 22th at 12:00 AM PACIFIC.



Learn the truth about the Da Vinci Code by visiting: www.thetruthaboutdavinci.com