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Feb 28, 2015
8:00 PM PST

Praise the Lord
10:00 PM PST
45th Annual GMA Dove Awards
12:00 AM PST
St. Paul
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A Christmas Snow
For Kathleen, Christmas has always been an unwelcome reminder of her father's abandonment almost 30 years ago. Will she be able to let go and grab hold of a life-changing forgiveness or will she continue to be haunted by the pain of the past?

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A Christmas Wish (aka A Rootbeer Christmas)
It looks like it's going to be a bleak Christmas for the Evans family. However, there are warm hearts working behind the scenes that ultimately make this the happiest holiday of Martha's life -- a real answer to her prayers

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A Conversation with Scott Stapp
An interview at The HolyLand Experience with Scott Stapp, the lead singer of Grammy winning group Creed.

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A Cry From Iran
Iran, 1993. A judge issues an official death sentence to Mehdi Dibaj, a man imprisioned for 10 years because he converted from Islam to Christianity.

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A Dog of Flanders
A charming tale of love, friendship and a dog named Patrasche.

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A Father's Heart
A compelling and inspirational special is featuring celebrities from the world of sports as they communicate personal thoughts about their fathers, mentors, and the experience of fatherhood.

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A Letter To Dad
A film based on a true, touching story of how faith and love can overcome a lifetime of pain and anger.

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A Letter To Nancy
The inspirational story of an orphaned Asian girl, Nancy Li, and her foster parents, the Reed family.

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A Nation Adrift
This incredible documentary walks us through our history and shows how crucial the founding of our county Under God was and is to all of us today.

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A Night of Amazing Women
"A Night of Amazing Women featuring Sheila Walsh, Sandi Patty, Brenda Warner, Pat Smith, and Patsy Clairmont from the Women of Faith tour. Hosts Mike and Gayle Tucker from Lifestyle Magazine encourage these amazing women to share encouraging and uplifting

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A Place Called Home
IWhat do you do when your dreams are shattered, when disillusionment and despair flood in and overwhelm you? In this fast-paced but intimate documentary host Ralph Martin leads us on the quest for personal meaning. We see through the eyes of others who op

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A Question of Origins
During the past century, much of the world has accepted the theory of Evolution as fact. Yet the molecules-to-man theory has no direct evidence to support it at all.

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A Reason to Remember
A tribute to 9-11, and this countries ability to unite and triumph over adverse situations. Survivors and families of victims share in even the worst of times GOD is in control and watches over his children.

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A Rood Awakening
Michael Rood
Michael Rood brings his inspiring and Biblically based insights to those individuals seeking to learn more about the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith.

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A Second Chance
A young girl and her coach overcome adversity to make their way into the National Australian Gymnastics Squad.

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A Story of David: The Hunted
King Saul of Israel is jealous of the fame and adoration of David and attempts to have him killed.

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A Tribute To America
TBN Special Programming.

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A Vision of Hope - 4th of July
Special Programming

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A Vision of Hope: Remembering 9/11
Hosted Tanya Hart takes a look at the 9-11 tragedy and how GOD used this to turn this nation back to Him.

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A Vow to Cherish
A VOW TO CHERISH is a compelling story about the power of faith, hope and love.

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A Walk To Remember
The story of two North Carolina teens, Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan, who are thrown together after Landon gets into trouble and is made to do community service.

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Aaron Neville Christmas Special
Seasonal music.

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Aaron Neville Easter Special

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Abraham is a powerful film, based on the most dramatic and moving tale from the Old Testament in which an ordinary shepherd is called upon by God to show his abiding faith in extraordinary ways.

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ACLJ This Week
Jay Sekulow
Jay Sekulow speaks about the protection of religious freedoms in America.

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Acquire The Fire
Ron Luce
Acquire The Fire is a youth convention that is a catalyst for change in youth groups, schools, and communities by challenging teens everywhere to engage in a life long pursuit of God by raising the standard for themselves and their peers.

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Acts of God
If God is good, why does he allow so much pain in the world? Acts of God offers insight and hope as it explores how, in the face of personal pain or the suffering of those we love, we can trust in the Lord at all times. This program is rated TV-PG.

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Acts Of The Apostles
Dramatic episodes from the New Testament account of the development of the early Christian church. The work of Paul, Barnabas, Philip, Peter and others is faithfully visualized.

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Affectionately Yours, Screwtape
- Did God give each person free will? - Who is Satan? - Can good truly overcome evil?

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Against All Odds
Experience what some have called, the modern miracles of Israel, through the eyes of a seasoned journalist, Michael Greenspan, and explore the question: why has Israel survived against all the odds?

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AHA - Awakening, Honesty, Action
Have you ever had an "aha" experience—a flash of insight when you finally "get it" and your life changes forever?

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Alvin Slaughter Concert at HLE
Seasonal music.

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Always Good News
Franklin Graham
Emphasizes the urgency of the Gospel message—the need to share Christ’s love with others.

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Amazing Grace "How Sweet the Sound"
See and hear the moving stories behind five of our most beloved hymns--Amazing Grace, It Is Well with My Soul, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Silent Night, and How Great Thou Art.

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Amazing Grace
The idealist William Wilberforce maneuvers his way through Parliament, endeavoring to end the British transatlantic slave trade.

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America One Nation
This outstanding special takes a look at the greatest nation, America and why now more than ever we as Americans need GOD.

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America's Godly Heritage
David Barton provides historic evidence of the Founding Fathers' intent for America.

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An Empire Conquered
This moving investigation looks at five heroic martyrs--Augustus, Clement, Cecilia, Apollonius, and Agnes.

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An Isaacs Family Christmas
Christmas special featuring the Isaac's Family.

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An Unconventional War
This powerful documentary chronicles how fervent prayer and unique church-state collaboration are finally taming one of history's most brutal insurgencies bringing hope to lost and oppressed peoples everywhere.

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Anaheim Harvest Crusade with Greg Laurie
Have you ever found yourself asking the Big Questions in Life?

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Ancient Secrets of the Bible
The Holy Bible: fact or fiction? Between the covers of the Bible simmer history's most spectacular claims...but are they true? Myth or reality? Fact or fable? Now you'll be sure.

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Angel in the House
Struggling to adopt a child and unable to conceive one of their own, the Morrison family is in need of a miracle. However, their luck changes when a 7-year-old boy unexpectedly shows up on their doorstep. A heart-warming family tale, Angel in the House is

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Angels Miraculous Messengers
Stories that will uplift and encourage everyone.

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Angels Sent On Assignment
Three different tales of apparent angel intervention are told here.

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Another Perfect Stranger
The conversation continues.

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Answers with Bayless Conley
Pastor Bayless Conley
Bayless Conley is a church leader and speaker, known for both his clear presentation of the Bible message and the way he applies it to everyday life.

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Anthony Evans - What Christmas Really Means
What Christmas Means is an early gift from Anthony Evans, an impassioned sentiment of soul prepped to warm your holiday celebrations.

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Experience the glorious visions of Revelation along with the Apostle John in "The Apocalypse." Starring Richard Harris as John, "The Apocalypse" features a dramatic story line and stunning visual effects that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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Apostle Peter and the Last Supper
As Peter prepares to depart this earthly life, he will make an unforgettable impression on his jailers through the saving power of the Gospel.

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Armand, Live From New York City
Special TBN Programming (violinist Armand Melnbardis).

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Arrington Live
Stephen Arrington candidly shares how his choices landed him in a federal prison out of a famous international drug case.

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Arthur: A Pilgrim
Arthur Blessitt rejoices on having carried the Cross a distance equivalent to circling the earth. Hear how a blind man is healed as he expectantly waits for Arthur to walk by. You will be blessed!

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At Jesus Side
An imaginative story which has a dog named Jericho and other animals involved in bits and pieces of Jesus' life before the crucifixion and briefly following the resurrection . . . a movie every family member can enjoy!

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Auto B Good
Children learn through nine main vehicles, each with his or her own unique personality.

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