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Apr 18, 2014
6:30 PM PDT

Perry Stone
7:00 PM PDT
Apostle Peter and the Last Supper
8:30 PM PDT
My Hope America with Billy Graham
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Macedonian Call - JCTV Project
Macedonia Call for JCTV

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Macedonian Call 2013
Join hosts Dr. Paul Crouch and Matthew Crouch for your 2013 Summer Macedonian Call.

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Magdelena: Released From Shame
Mary Magdalene acts as both narrator and participant in "Magdalena: Released From Shame," as she traces through the story of lives that have come into contact with this man, Jesus, and have been powerfully released from shame.

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Maggie's Passage
A dramatic movie about one young girl's passage of forgiveness, realization of God's love and being special when adopted.

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Main Stage at the National Quartet Convention
Series featuring Southern Gospel artists and their performances from the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Making Choices
Explore the dramatic wartime lives of four Dutch citizens who took a stand to protect Jews and resist the overwhelming power of the Nazis during World War II.

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Mama Heidi
This documentary shows how Heidi and Rolland Baker are a powerful inspiration for many in Mozambique, Africa and around the world.

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Manna From Heaven
An entertaining, instructional and inspirational program that shares the Word of God, while featuring an eclectic variety of cuisine prepared by Chef Christian Andre Pitre.

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Perry Stone
An in-depth prophetic and practical study of the word of God with Perry Stone.

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Marriage Today with Jimmy and Karen Evans
Jimmy Evans
Jimmy and Karen Evans help couples establish, strengthen and restore relationships.

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The Martins Christmas Special
TBN Christmas Programming

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Mary and Joseph: A Story of Faith
A dramatization of the possible trials and tribulations that the parents of Christ might have faced. Made for television.

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Mary of Nazareth
A dramatization of the life of the mother of Jesus, from her childhood in Nazareth to the pain of watching the crucifixion of her son. Filmed on location.

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Mary Rice Hopkins - Puppets With A Heart
Topics include: choices and character, peer pressure, being yourself, brokenness, serving with our talents and values so needed in the world today.

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The Masterpiece: A Toymaker's Dream
Experience the award-winning stage production, The Masterpiece… “A Toymaker’s Dream,” The epic tale of good defeating evil in the struggle for mankind.

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The McKamey's: Journey
Recorded at Trinity Broadcasting Network, the McKameys have climbed to new heights with artistic excellence pointing to Jesus, the ultimate source of the joy every human heart longs for and every soul needs.

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Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor winners recount the circumstances that surrounded their earning of the medal.

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Prophecies spoke of mankind's final days? That time has arrived. For a brief moment, two brothers stand silently side by side at Megiddo, overlooking the final battlefield where the world?s mega-powers are strategically positioned to take control of man

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Message In A Baby
Special programming featuring the Annie Moses Band as they perform Christmas music, dramatic readings and some holiday cooking skills!

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The Messiah Prophecy Fulfilled
A dramatic Gospel presentation of the birth of Christianity, showing how one Rabbi (Nick Mancuso) becomes a follower of Yeshua of Nazareth.

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Michael O'Brian Valentine Special
Seasonal music.

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Michael the Visitor
Claymation tale about a couple that shows mercy to a man who says God is punishing him.

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Mike's Inspiration Station
Mike's Inspiration Station teaches and inspires kids to develop their God-given gift of creativity.

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Miles From Nowhere
A high school football star clashes with his coach and his father when he joins the track team to accomplish a goal set by his late best friend.

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Miracles Around Us
Real stories. Real people. The ultimate reality television series.

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Miracles in Our Midst
God's power is at work all around us!

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Miracles: Love Conquers Death
Ronnie and Clarice Holden have had their triumphs and struggles. One night a drunk driver changes everything. This is an incredible story of God's healing power and is truly a miracle.

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Miracles: Per Arne Drangsland Story
In May of 2002, an ordinary trip to Thailand turns into a life and death struggle for Per Arne Drangsland, a Norwegian champion snowboarder. This is a wonderful story of God's healing power and is truly a miracle.

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Miraculous Messages, From Noah's Ark To The End Times
It is a mystery to which all of mankind is seeking the answer. Does the Bible contain a series of miraculous messages that carry the keys to lasting peace, real happiness, and true fulfillment?

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Miss Charity's Diner Christmas
Miss Geranium tells the greatest story of all mankind! Miss Charity tells Carl how God loves everyone not just on Christmas but every day of the year! Experience for yourself why this is “the most wonderful time of the year!”

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Miss Charity's Diner
Miss Charity's Diner is an exciting, fast moving show written to reach children 4 to 7 years old. Each segment in the show will teach through example the varied and wonderful characteristics of God.

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Paul and Maureen Beebe, have set their hearts on owning one particular wild three-year old pony, The Phantom. Many obstacles lie in their path and even the Phantom has a surprise of her own!

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Monster Truck Adventures
Monster Truck Adventures is a new animated series that entertains and teaches Biblical life lessons!

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Monumental: In Search of America's Secret Treasure
Monumental is the story of America's beginnings, presented, produced and hosted by Kirk Cameron.

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Monumental: Restoring America as the Land of Liberty
Kirk Cameron
Discover the people, places, and principles that constitute America's real treasure! Building on the success of his original documentary, Kirk Cameron presents expanded interviews, lessons, and insights in this new series.

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Academy Award-winner Ben Kingsley (Gandhi) is Moses in this awe-inspiring tale of an ordinary man called upon by God to become a great leader.

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Between now and forever lies...the bridge. A powerful and moving film about a man who learns the true meaning of sacrifice.

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Mother's Day Praise the Lord Special
Laurie Crouch
Join Laurie Crouch and guests for this special Mother's Day Praise the Lord program as they discuss the topic on being a mother.

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Mothers: Treasured Loves
Program dedicated to Motherhood with guest celebrities and their families sharing testimonies of the value of motherhood.

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Music That Ministers
Dean and Mary Brown
This 30 minute program highlights the music that Dean and Mary Brown have written and ministered to people for more than 30 years.

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My Christmas Soldier
1943, and 11-year-old Gordy and his sister Priscilla are waiting at the station for their father.

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My Hope America with Billy Graham
A long awaited broadcast from Billy Graham to our Nation.

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Mysteries of the Apocalypse: Are the End Times Near?
Join us on this chilling expedition as theologians, scholars and military experts unlock this timeless enigma revealing the MYSTERIES OF THE APOCALYPSE.

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The Mysterious Islands
Journey to the Galapagos with 16-year-old Joshua Phillips, his father, and Dr. John Morris as they reveal Darwin's errors and prove that the creatures on this remote island chain actually support the biblical creation account.

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