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The Cross with Arthur Blessitt

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Apr 21, 2014
12:00 AM PDT

The Final Inquiry
1:30 AM PDT
Aaron Neville Easter Special
2:00 AM PDT
The Messiah Prophecy Fulfilled
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Arthur Blessitt
The Cross

On Christmas morning in 1969, Blessitt began his journey with the cross, walking from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. In August 1971 Blessitt began his journey around the world, beginning in England. He is famous for carrying the cross to the farthest reaches of the world, scaling mountains and crossing deserts, and also into to war-torn countries such as Lebanon and parts of Africa to pray for peace. During the Cold War, Blessitt carried his cross into the Soviet Union, through Russia, the Baltic States, Ukraine and other countries. He has carried the cross through such places as Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, China, South Africa, Lebanon, India, Antarctica, Palestine, Israel, Cuba, Libya, Yemen, Vietnam and Mongolia. During his walk around the world, Blessitt has held audience with numerous world and religious leaders including, Jimmy Carter, Reverend Billy Graham, Pope John Paul II, Yasser Arafat and Moammar Khadhafi. Among his most renowned meetings was with George W. Bush and his conversion to a born again Christian on April 3, 1984.[1] He completed his journey on June 7, 2008. Blessitt is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the “World’s Longest Walk.” In total, Blessitt has walked 38,102 miles through 315 countries (including Island Groups and Territories), of which 52 were in open war. He has crossed every ocean and all seven continents (including Antarctica).

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