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Feb 12, 2016
8:00 AM PST

Kenneth Copeland
8:30 AM PST
Kerry Shook
9:00 AM PST
Steven Furtick
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Family Programs
Program Name
Behind the Scenes
Lifestyle Magazine/Mike Tucker
Praise the Lord
Travel the Road
Drive Thru History: American History
Christian Celebrity Showcase
The 700 Club
Best of Praise
More Than Conquerors
More Than Conquerors
Christian World News
The Lad's T.V.
First to Know
Life Focus
The Hal Lindsey Report/Hal Lindsey
It's Supernatural /Sid Roth
Biblical Treasures of Turkey
Praise The Lord - "TBN Classics"
Bible Prophecy Revealed/Grant Jeffrey
Live From HolyLand
BillyGraham.TV/Franklin Graham
Building A Difference
American Heritage Series
Israel, A Journey Through Time
The Easter Experience
360 Degree Life /Daugherty Family
Alternative Health /Dr. Valerie Saxion
End Of The Age with Irvin Baxter/Irvin Baxter
Unearthed Series
Facing Life Head On
Full Flame /Reinhard Bonnke
Manna From Heaven
The Cross /Arthur Blessitt

Music Programs
Program Name
Dino/Dino & Cheryl Kartsonakis
The Ramp/Karen Wheaton
The Joy of Music/Diane Bish
Unfolding Majesty with: Dean & Mary Brown
Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV
Michael English
Precious Memories /Bill & Gloria Gaither (Precious Memories)
RHEMA/Pastor Kenneth Hagin Jr.
Backstage Pass/Clifton Davis

Teaching Programs
Program Name
Billy Graham Crusade (Classic)
Creation in the 21st Century/Dr. Carl Baugh
Doctor to Doctor
PRO-Claim/Mike Barber
On The Living Edge/Dr. Mark Chironna
The Way of the Master/Kirk Cameron
McDougall MD/Dr. John McDougall
The King is Coming/Dr. Ed Hindson
Order My Steps/Bishop John Anthony Francis
John Hagee/Pastor John Hagee
Breakthrough/Pastor Rod Parsley
Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller/Bobby Schuller
Gospel Truth/Andrew Wommack
Joseph Prince /Joseph Prince
Just Paula/Paula White
Enjoying Everyday Life/Joyce Meyer
Creflo Dollar /Dr. Creflo Dollar
This Is Your Day /Benny Hinn
Kenneth Copeland/Kenneth Copeland
Life Today/James Robison
Today with Marilyn & Sarah/Marilyn Hickey
Conversations with Fathers of the Faith
Joni and Friends
Bill Purvis Ministries/Bill Purvis
Liberty Today/Jonathan Falwell
In Touch Ministries/Dr. Charles Stanley
Abba's House /Ron Phillips
Touching Lives/Dr. James Merritt
Jentezen Franklin/Pastor Jentezen Franklin
Turning Point/Dr. David Jeremiah
Winning Walk/Pastor Ed Young Sr.
A Miracle For You /Bishop Clarence McClendon
Secrets/Kim Clement
Joseph Prince Special: Destined to Reign
Ron Carpenter/Ron Carpenter
Love Worth Finding /Dr. Adrian Rogers
Power Point /Jack Graham
Joel Osteen Ministries/Joel Osteen
It Is Written/John Bradshaw
Answers with Bayless Conley/Pastor Bayless Conley
From His Heart /Pastor Jeff Schreve
Jesse Duplantis Ministries/Jesse Duplantis
Gregory Dickow/Gregory Dickow
T.D. Jakes Ministries/Bishop T.D. Jakes
Leading the Way/Dr. Michael Youssef
Spirit Formed/Dr. Jack Hayford
Winning with Wisdom/Nasir Siddiki
Against All Odds
Ancient Secrets of the Bible
E.V. Hill
Prophetic Whisper /Aquilla Nash
The Word in the World/Father Michael Manning
Ever Increasing Faith/Dr. Frederick Price
ACLJ This Week/Jay Sekulow

Teen Programs
Program Name
Acquire The Fire/Ron Luce
Times 2: Carman
Virtual Memory
Team Impact
Xtreme Life/Ivan Van Vuuren
iShine KNECT

Children's Programs
Program Name
Cherub Wings
Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible
Dooley and Pals
Miss Charity's Diner
Auto B Good
Bugtime Adventures
Dr. Wonder's Workshop
Friends and Heroes
Gina D's Kids Club
God Rocks!
Maralee Dawn & Friends
Mary Rice Hopkins - Puppets With A Heart
Nest Family Animated Stories from the Bible
Pahappahooey Island
The Storykeepers
Paws & Tales
Hermie and Friends
B J's Teddy Bear Club

6. What days do you normally watch TBN?
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday Saturday

7.How many hours each day do you normally watch?

8.What times do you normally watch TBN? (check all that apply)
     12:00am to 6:00am?
     6:00am to 12:00pm?
     12:00pm to 6:00pm?
     6:00pm to 12:00am?

9. Which of the following type of program do you like?
Music Childrens Preaching
Magazine Talk shows Investigative
Films News  

10. Do you attend a church? Yes No

11.Do you financially support TBN? Yes No

12. Please let us know your city, state, and country

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