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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013   -   Tuesday, October 29th, 2013
Pacific Time Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday
12:00 AM      Praise The Lord - "TBN Classics" (cc)Praise The Lord - "TBN Classics" (cc)Praise The Lord - "TBN Classics" (cc)Hazem (cc)Christian Celebrity Showcase (cc)Faith of Our Fathers, Hymns of Our Fathers (cc)Praise The Lord - "TBN Classics" (cc)
12:30 AM      Ivan Van VuurenThe Stranger (cc)Discovering The Bible (cc)
1:00 AM      Team ImpactHal LindseyNot A Fan (cc)
1:30 AM      Karen Wheaton (cc)Pat Boone (cc)IBA News (cc)
2:00 AM      Nest Family Animated Stories from the BibleBilly GrahamIsrael, A Journey Through Time (cc)
2:30 AM      Miracles Around Us (cc)Life Focus (cc)Ancient Secrets of the BibleMiss Charity's DinerDavid Stotts
3:00 AM      Facing Life Head OnRon LuceThe Charlie Church Mouse Show (cc)Live From HolyLand (cc)israel Houghton (cc)Diane Bish
3:30 AM      Andrew Wommack (cc)Pahappahooey IslandMax Lucado (cc)Andrew Wommack (cc)
4:00 AM      Israel: A Historic Land of Hope (cc)Kirk CameronArthur Blessitt (cc)Dr. Wonder's Workshop (cc)Bill Purvis (cc)Mark Anderson (cc)Dr. David Jeremiah (cc)
4:30 AM      Kerry Shook (cc)Dooley and PalsFather Michael Manning (cc)Kerry Shook (cc)
5:00 AM      Apostle Guillermo Maldonado (cc)Gregory DickowJesse Duplantis (cc)Gina D's Kids ClubRon Phillips (cc)Sid Roth (cc)Rabbi Kirt Schneider (cc)
5:30 AM      Joyce Meyer (cc)The Storykeepers (cc)Dr. James Merritt (cc)Joyce Meyer (cc)
6:00 AM      Dr. Creflo Dollar (cc)The Lad's T.V. (cc)Pastor Jentezen Franklin (cc)Dr. Creflo Dollar (cc)
6:30 AM      Pastor John Hagee (cc)Auto B Good (cc)Dr. David Jeremiah (cc)Pastor John Hagee (cc)
7:00 AM      Joseph Prince (cc)Come On Over (cc)Pastor Kenneth Hagin Jr. (cc)Joseph Prince (cc)
7:30 AM      Benny Hinn (cc)RocKids TV (cc)Pastor Ed Young Sr. (cc)Benny Hinn (cc)
8:00 AM      Kenneth Copeland (cc)Monster Truck Adventures (cc)Joseph Prince (cc)Kenneth Copeland (cc)
8:30 AM      Best of PraiseUnfolding Majesty with: Dean & Mary BrownBest of PraiseMary Rice Hopkins - Puppets With A Heart (cc)Ron Carpenter (cc)Aquilla Nash (cc)Billy Graham
9:00 AM      Against All OddsEducation: A Higher Calling (cc)Lassie (cc)Dr. Adrian Rogers (cc)Franklin Graham (cc)
9:30 AM      Mike Barber (cc)Building A Difference (cc)Davey and GoliathDr. Charles Stanley (cc)Manna From Heaven (cc)Doctor to Doctor
10:00 AM      Behind the Scenes (cc)iShine KNECT (cc)Jack Graham (cc)Behind the Scenes (cc)
10:30 AM      Joyce Meyer (cc)Mike Tucker (cc)Jordan Rubin (cc)Mike's Inspiration Station (cc)John Bradshaw (cc)Rabbi Jonathan Bernis (cc)Sid Roth (cc)
11:00 AM      James Robison (cc)VeggieTales (cc)Pastor Bayless ConleyJames Robison (cc)
11:30 AM      Marilyn Hickey (cc)321 Penguins (cc)Apostle Guillermo Maldonado (cc)Marilyn Hickey (cc)
12:00 PM      700 Club (cc)Paws & Tales (cc)David Reagan (cc)700 Club (cc)
12:30 PM      Greatest Heroes and Legends of the BiblePastor Jentezen Franklin (cc)
1:00 PM      Pastor John Hagee (cc)Pastor John Hagee (cc)Pastor John Hagee (cc)
1:30 PM      Breaking Good News (cc)Max Lucado (cc)Live From HolyLand (cc)Christian World News (cc)Jimmy Evans (cc)Rabbi Kirt Schneider (cc)Education: A Higher Calling (cc)
2:00 PM      Best of PraisePraise the Lord (cc)Praise the Lord (cc)Carman: Halloween 3:16 (cc)Bishop Clarence McClendon (cc)Praise the Lord (cc)Praise the Lord (cc)
2:30 PM      Gregory Dickow
3:00 PM      Main Stage at the National Quartet Convention (cc)Bishop T.D. Jakes (cc)
3:30 PM      IBA News (cc)Joyce Meyer (cc)
4:00 PM      Billy GrahamFranklin Graham (cc)Sid Roth (cc)Bill & Gloria Gaither (Precious Memories) (cc)Dr. Michael Youssef (cc)Max Lucado (cc)Kirk Cameron
4:30 PM       Bishop T.D. Jakes (cc)Robert Morris (cc) Bishop T.D. Jakes (cc)
5:00 PM      Behind the Scenes (cc)Dr. Charles Stanley (cc)Joel OsteenBehind the Scenes (cc)
5:30 PM      Dr. David Jeremiah (cc)Joel OsteenHal LindseyKerry Shook (cc)Dr. Mark ChironnaJoyce Meyer (cc)
6:00 PM      Joseph Prince (cc)Joseph Prince (cc)Greg Laurie (cc)Hour of Power - America's Television Church (cc)Kenneth Copeland (cc)Pastor Jentezen Franklin (cc)Joseph Prince (cc)
6:30 PM      Irvin Baxter (cc)Brian Houston @ Hillsong TVPerry Stone (cc)Dr. Creflo Dollar (cc)Jesse Duplantis (cc)Pastor Rod Parsley (cc)
7:00 PM      Praise the Lord (cc)Praise the Lord (cc)Praise the Lord (cc)Billy GrahamSaul and DavidPraise the Lord (cc)Praise the Lord (cc)
7:30 PM      
8:00 PM      Live From Oak Tree (cc)
8:30 PM      Travel the Road
9:00 PM      Franklin Graham (cc)Live From HolyLand (cc)Dr. Frederick Price (cc)The Second Chance (cc) CarmanJoel OsteenJay Sekulow
9:30 PM      Jesse Duplantis (cc)Dr. David Jeremiah (cc)Leon Fontaine (cc)Perry Stone (cc)Israel: A Historic Land of Hope (cc)
10:00 PM      The Easter Experience (cc)IBA News (cc)Mark Anderson (cc)Live From HolyLand (cc)Kim Clement (cc)
10:30 PM      Dr. Creflo Dollar (cc)Miracles: Love Conquers Death (cc)Dr. Creflo Dollar (cc)
11:00 PM      Behind the Scenes (cc)Behind the Scenes (cc)Behind the Scenes (cc)Behind the Scenes (cc)Behind the Scenes (cc)Behind the Scenes (cc)
11:30 PM      Praise The Lord - "TBN Classics" (cc)Praise The Lord - "TBN Classics" (cc)Breaking Good News (cc)Virtual MemoryFaith of Our Fathers, Hymns of Our Fathers (cc)Praise The Lord - "TBN Classics" (cc)Praise The Lord - "TBN Classics" (cc)

All programs are subject to change without notice.