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Tuesday, July 29th, 2014   -   Monday, August 4th, 2014
Pacific Time Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
12:00 AM      Praise The Lord - "TBN Classics" (cc)The Wager (cc)Praise The Lord - "TBN Classics" (cc)Generation Gap (cc)Virtual MemoryA Walk To Remember (cc)Lindell Cooley Special (cc)
12:30 AM      Ivan Van Vuuren
1:00 AM      Quest for Noah's Ark (cc)To Hell and BackH2O: A Journey of Faith (cc)Classic Petra Live (cc)
1:30 AM      Karen Wheaton (cc)
2:00 AM      Pahappahooey IslandThe Gift of Jabez
2:30 AM      Trust & Tragedy with Tommy Tenney (cc)israel Houghton (cc)Ancient Secrets of the BibleRon LuceNest Family Animated Stories from the Bible
3:00 AM      Joyce Meyer (cc)Dr. Wonder's Workshop (cc)I Will Bless The Lord At All Times (cc)Joyce Meyer (cc)
3:30 AM      Andrew Wommack (cc)The Lad's T.V. (cc)Andrew Wommack (cc)
4:00 AM      VeggieTales (cc)VeggieTales (cc)VeggieTales (cc)VeggieTales (cc)VeggieTales (cc)Jonathan Falwell (cc)VeggieTales (cc)
4:30 AM      Kerry Shook (cc)321 Penguins (cc)Dr. Tony Evans (cc)Kerry Shook (cc)
5:00 AM      Best of PraiseI Will Bless The Lord At All Times (cc)Best of PraiseMax Lucado (cc)Gina D's Kids ClubFr. Cedric Pisegna (cc)David Stotts
5:30 AM      Joyce Meyer (cc)The Storykeepers (cc)Dr. James Merritt (cc)Joyce Meyer (cc)
6:00 AM      Dr. Creflo Dollar (cc)RocKids TV (cc)Pastor Jentezen Franklin (cc)Dr. Creflo Dollar (cc)
6:30 AM      Pastor John Hagee (cc)Auto B Good (cc)Dr. David Jeremiah (cc)Pastor John Hagee (cc)
7:00 AM      Joseph Prince (cc)321 Penguins (cc)James MacDonald (cc)Joseph Prince (cc)
7:30 AM      Benny Hinn (cc)VeggieTales (cc)Pastor Ed Young Sr. (cc)Benny Hinn (cc)
8:00 AM      Kenneth Copeland (cc)Monster Truck Adventures (cc)Joseph Prince (cc)Kenneth Copeland (cc)
8:30 AM      Sid Roth (cc)Father Michael Manning (cc)I Will Bless The Lord At All Times (cc)Best of PraiseMary Rice Hopkins - Puppets With A Heart (cc)Ron Carpenter (cc)Best of Praise
9:00 AM      Billy GrahamDavid Rives (cc)Education: A Higher Calling (cc)Lassie (cc)Greg Laurie (cc)Franklin Graham (cc)
9:30 AM      Mike Barber (cc)Building A Difference (cc)Davey and GoliathDr. Charles Stanley (cc)Bill & Gloria Gaither (Precious Memories) (cc)
10:00 AM      Dr. Caroline Leaf (cc)Inside the Trinity Family of Networks (cc)Inside the Trinity Family of Networks (cc)Inside the Trinity Family of Networks (cc)iShine KNECT (cc)Jack Graham (cc)
10:30 AM      Kong Hee (cc)Joyce Meyer (cc)Mike Tucker (cc)Jordan Rubin (cc)Mike's Inspiration Station (cc)John Bradshaw (cc)Rabbi Jonathan Bernis (cc)
11:00 AM      James Robison (cc)Paws & Tales (cc)Pastor Bayless ConleyJames Robison (cc)
11:30 AM      Not A Fan (cc)Mark Anderson (cc)David StottsAHA - Awakening, Honesty, Action (cc)VeggieTales (cc)Apostle Guillermo Maldonado (cc)Ancient Secrets of the Bible
12:00 PM      700 Club (cc)Greatest Heroes and Legends of the BibleDaniel Kolenda (cc)700 Club (cc)
12:30 PM      Jesse Duplantis (cc)
1:00 PM      Pastor John Hagee (cc)Kirk Cameron (cc)Pastor John Hagee (cc)Pastor John Hagee (cc)
1:30 PM      Education: A Higher Calling (cc)H2O: A Journey of Faith (cc)Ron Carpenter (cc)Live From HolyLand (cc)Christian World News (cc)Jimmy Evans (cc)Rabbi Kirt Schneider (cc)
2:00 PM      Praise the Lord (cc)I Will Bless The Lord At All Times (cc)Praise the Lord (cc)Praise the Lord (cc)The Ten Commandments (Animated) (cc)Dr. Jim Reeve (cc)The Perfect Stranger
2:30 PM      Gregory Dickow
3:00 PM      Main Stage at the National Quartet Convention (cc)Bishop T.D. Jakes (cc)
3:30 PM      IBA News (cc)Stephen's Test of FaithJoyce Meyer (cc)Best of Praise
4:00 PM      Apostle Guillermo Maldonado (cc)Billy GrahamFranklin Graham (cc)Sid Roth (cc)Bill & Gloria Gaither (Precious Memories) (cc)Dr. Michael Youssef (cc)Samuel Rodriguez (cc)
4:30 PM       Bishop T.D. Jakes (cc) Bishop T.D. Jakes (cc)Robert Morris (cc) Bishop T.D. Jakes (cc)
5:00 PM      Inside the Trinity Family of Networks (cc)Dr. Charles Stanley (cc)Joel OsteenInside the Trinity Family of Networks (cc)
5:30 PM      Joyce Meyer (cc)Dr. David Jeremiah (cc)Joel OsteenHal LindseyKerry Shook (cc)Dr. Mark Chironna
6:00 PM      Joseph Prince (cc)Joseph Prince (cc)Joseph Prince (cc)Greg Laurie (cc)Bobby Schuller (cc)Kenneth Copeland (cc)Pastor Jentezen Franklin (cc)
6:30 PM      Steven Furtick (cc)Mike & Dee Dee Freeman (cc)Brian Houston @ Hillsong TVPerry Stone (cc)Dr. Creflo Dollar (cc)Jesse Duplantis (cc)
7:00 PM      Praise the Lord (cc)Praise the Lord (cc)Praise the Lord (cc)The Perfect StrangerBilly GrahamSolomon (cc)A Walk To Remember (cc)
7:30 PM      
8:00 PM      Love's Unending Legacy (cc)
8:30 PM      Best of Praise
9:00 PM      I Will Bless The Lord At All Times (cc)Franklin Graham (cc)Live From HolyLand (cc)Dr. Frederick Price (cc)Joel Osteen
9:30 PM      Jesse Duplantis (cc)Dr. David Jeremiah (cc)Leon Fontaine (cc)Love's Unfolding Dreams (cc)Perry Stone (cc)
10:00 PM      Jay SekulowJimmy Evans (cc)Kerry Shook (cc)I Will Bless The Lord At All Times (cc)Billy Graham: God's AmbassadorJerry Dirmann (cc)
10:30 PM      Dr. Creflo Dollar (cc)Dr. Creflo Dollar (cc)
11:00 PM      Acts of God (cc)The Easter Experience (cc)I Will Bless The Lord At All Times (cc)TBN 340 (cc)I Will Bless The Lord At All Times (cc)Lindell Cooley Special (cc)I Will Bless The Lord At All Times (cc)
11:30 PM      The Wager (cc)Praise The Lord - "TBN Classics" (cc)Generation Gap (cc)israel Houghton (cc)Praise The Lord - "TBN Classics" (cc)

All programs are subject to change without notice.