January 2006
Special Guests on Behind the Scenes
Tammy Faye Messner on Praise the Lord
Pastor Aaron Jayne on JCTV's "Top 3"
Brutally Attacked By A Mountain Lion
Omar Gooding on Praise
Lindy Boone Michaelis on Praise
Steve Borden on Praise
Shirley Caesar on Praise
Tiny Lister on Praise the Lord
Pastor Napoleon Kaufman's Ministry
Former, LA Laker, A.C. Green on Praise
Kirk Cameron At The New Hollywood Set
Benny Hinn In Lagos Nigeria
From India: “I am a Hindu convert, living in Gujarath, India…I watched the TBN Channel program and it helped me to find out the true God. I wish all my family to get to know about Jesus .” —K

From China: “Praise the Lord…I am writing to you from China. Am happy to say that I enjoy you on my computer and the streaming is so clear that I usually feel am part of the congregation. I must say that TBN is doing great, and it is turning many from getting lost. Am praying that with God’s help you may reach to every needy soul in every corner of the world.” —L.

From Dubai:Your ministry has been a great blessing… especially being in this part of the world. When we watch and listen to the word of God preached so powerfully, it changes our spirit so much, all the more we feel connected to the body of Christ worldwide. Thanks for being a blessing to us.” —SJ

From Kenya: “May I express my sincere gratitude to the Almighty for the good work your station is doing. I am a Muslim but watch your TV station whenever I have time to. I have been very, very impressed at the way your counselors talk to people who need help…. I had family problems and decided to call the number that was given on the TV. I called your station and talked to a counselor… I would like to report to the good station that there is tremendous improvement…I and my wife are even considering becoming Christians…we find Christianity a very good and caring religion. We will call the station and ask for your help as we consider becoming Christians.” —M

From Romania: “I checked out your website…and WOW what a blessing! When I discovered that I can watch your program broadcast over the internet in the comfort of my apartment. I used to watch TBN always when I was living in USA, last year. But now, being back home in Romania, I am very privileged and blessed to be able to watch TBN on line, on my laptop, just as I would be there watching it on the TV screen. I am comforted and encouraged when I start watching the TBN over the INTERNET, so I feel I am blessed by your programs….” —DG

From U.S. Soldier in Iraq: “I’m a specialist in the US Army stationed in Iraq. I just wanted to thank you for airing on AFN: Spectrum this morning…. I sure appreciate hearing God’s word when I wake up Sunday morning. It means a lot. Everyday it feels like I’m the only one praying out here. One day maybe I will get to come home. Until then, thanks for everything. I’ll be watching. I’d appreciate your prayers for a safe stay and quick return. God bless and keep praying.” --BG

From Mexico: “I was blessed to get a short-wave radio . . . in the late afternoons I can pick up TBN here in southern Zacatecas. It has blessed me very much to have my spirit fed with good and rich Holy Ghost apostolic preaching.

From the USA: “A few years ago I felt the Holy Spirit compelling me to watch your network. I started watching. One night in repentance I said the Sinner’s Prayer with Dwight Thompson in front of the TV. Our Lord has continued my conversion over the past years…. I have been changed and your network has had a part in that ….” –HL

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