Transform Your Health in Body, Mind and Spirit by Jordan Rubin



In my life, I have experienced the blessing of multiple healing miracles from what would be considered incurable, even terminal diseases. This has given me the ability to not only sympathize with people, but to empathize with them as they battle a diagnosis both physically and mentally.

I truly believe that when someone is facing a serious, devastating illness, providing the right health information is important, but giving someone hope is paramount. This is what I’ve learned after conquering life-threatening diseases, and it’s a message I passionately share with everyone who will listen.

I believe experiencing a total health transformation is not only a matter of healing the body, but it starts with renewing your mind and spirit. The most effective way to activate healing comes from two elements – having faith and taking action.




Faith is the spark that becomes the flame of healing. My favorite scripture is Hebrews 11:1, which to speaks having faith in what you don’t see and acting like you have evidence that it’s already happened.

Faith is a powerful weapon. When it comes to healing, we often have faith in the wrong system. We fully believe in diagnostic tools – be it a CT scan, MRI or blood test – and we accept what these tools indicate, no matter how bleak the prognosis. Oftentimes, that faith is easier to have, but it doesn’t actually help us. In fact, it can harm us because we start to buy into the lie that not only do we have this particular disease or health problem, but that it will progress and worsen.

On the flip side, those who are actively seeking healing and believe in God’s promises as laid out in the Bible, can have faith in the outcome they want based on the work Jesus has already done (see 1 Peter 2:24). Even though this level of faith may not be backed by a man-created diagnostic tool, it’s just as real, and much more powerful.

The key is to have faith in the outcome that you hope for. You can activate your faith to play a leading role in your outcome. God desires to heal you, has paid the price and created you to do great things on the earth. As you overcome your illness, not only are you gaining health and strength, you are putting your faith in God to the test, and I believe God will honor that.




A powerful admonition in scripture comes from James 2:14, which tells us that faith without action is dead. You can have faith all day long, but are you taking steps to actualize your faith? Faith alone will not get you well – it requires you to take affirmative steps that will set the healing power of God ablaze in your body.  

Do you treat your body poorly with a lack of sleep and inactivity? Do you think negative thoughts or speak words of death? Do you consume an unhealthy diet? If the answer to any of these are yes, then you must begin to act on your faith and in alignment with your hopes of experiencing healing. If faith is the spark that becomes the flame of healing, then taking actions in your words and deeds, based on this faith, is critical. 

Cancer, in my opinion, is largely a spiritual battle because of how scary this diagnosis can often be. But you must remember: you are not your diagnosis or condition. Do not own it – do not make it part of your identity. For example, people often say “I am a diabetic.” With this phrase, you’ve made the disease part of your identity. Same goes for the phrase “I have cancer.” Don’t agree with the disease by speaking words or phrases like these, as this is, in essence, cursing your own life. Believe and speak to the fact that according to God’s promise in 1 Peter 2:24, your healing has been paid for with the sacrifice of Jesus. Believe that your current situation is temporary and speak life to your body in alignment with scripture.

In addition to taking actions with your words, you need to implement healthy practices for your body. No matter what health challenges you are dealing with, taking the following proactive steps can be critical:

  • Consuming a diet high in nutrients and low in toxins (such as the Healing Diet)
  • Proper hydration
  • Ideal sleep and rest
  • Movement and exercise
  • Finding ways to relax and reduce stress
  • Engaging in social interactions (such as giving and receiving love and affection in the form of hugs and kisses)
  • Receiving sunshine and walking barefoot outdoors

These are the fundamental actions that are required for healing and overall health. Taking action is what actualizes your faith in God’s ability to heal and puts you in a position to experience the blessing of His healing miracles. 

Co-founder of Ancient Nutrition, Jordan Rubin is one of America’s most-recognized and respected natural health experts, and is the New York Times bestselling author of The Maker’s Diet, and 25 additional titles, including his latest work Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine. Co-founder of Ancient Nutrition, Dr. Josh Axe, has articles from his website linked to above.