Wednesday, April 3, 2019 / TBN Staff

Peggy Rowe Shares a Funny Incident About her Mom.


Our mothers (or mother figures) can sometimes be quirky. They’re superheroes or sheroes. They work tirelessly and selflessly for us so that we can have a better life. Aside from God, they’re our biggest cheerleaders.


In this clip, Peggy Rowe shares about her ladylike, genteel mother, who had a penchant for the Baltimore Orioles. Peggy’s mother was a surprising juxtaposition of a refined mother who yelled at baseball umpires on her TV screen. When she was 90 and, in a wheelchair, Rowe’s mother found an Orioles jersey in a store and immediately decided to change into it. She loved her team!


As Mike Rowe puts it, motherhood is an indisputably uniting topic. We do not need to be mothers to relate to Peggy’s story. What are some interesting characteristics of your mother?


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