Tuesday, November 27, 2018 / TBN Staff

God Doesn't Demand Perfection.


Life is full of checklists. No matter where you grow up, you’re handed a list of boxes that you need to check in order to be “successful.” We’re told to get good grades, go to a good college, find a good job, and so on. And within this checklist is a consistent message: you not only need to do the things on the checklist, you need to excel at them, you need to be perfect at them.


Thankfully, God doesn’t demand perfection, He asks movement from us.


But so often, we think that God is asking us to be perfect. We think that He only cheers for us when we complete something.


It’s important to remember, however, that we are God’s beloved, he loves us as we are. If we can begin viewing God that way, believing in Him and working to love Him with that perspective, we’ll begin to see a unique shift in our lives.


How do we go about making this shift happen? It starts with accepting and believing the words that God says to us through the Scriptures.


God says that we are forgiven, therefore we are forgiven.


God says that He loves us, therefore we are loved.


If we can begin to agree with God about who He says we are, and what He says He’s done for us, we’ll begin to develop this new perspective. Amen.