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Tuesday, May 1, 2018 / TBN Staff

My Story: Powerful Partner Testimony


I needed to know deep down, despite everything I had been through, that God was a good father. My picture of what a “father” was supposed to be was anything but good. My earthly father was abusive in just about every way you can imagine. The first time he molested me, I was too young to protect myself. 


I didn’t know how to cope with the pain of what my father was doing to me behind closed doors. I became rebellious and angry. My father abused my mother, as well. She had what I would later find out is called “battered wife syndrome.”


Despite all the darkness I experienced, a light shone in our home. My loving mother would often watch TBN. I remember being young and seeing Billy Graham, James and Betty Robison, and others communicate about the love of Jesus through our living room television.


Because of the abuse I suffered, it would be many years before those seeds would take root and bloom. The years that followed me leaving home were filled with poor choices. I self medicated my pain through addictions.  I had two abortions during this time, got married and divorced, and my life was in shambles.  The wounds left by my father drove me to choose a man who abused and left me, just as my father had abused my mother. And right after both of my parents passed away, the man I was living with abandoned me with my two teenagers. At the lowest point in my life, I cried out to God. I asked Him to show me if He was real. I asked to know His love.


At 42 years old, I was like the woman at the well in John chapter 4. Jesus was offering me living water that would take away the unquenchable thirst I had for love and acceptance. For many years I had searched in the wrong places, drinking from polluted wells. But now, I had found the answer.


I am amazed to share that my life was completely turned around in an instant. I began attending church and studying the Bible. I learned that I was now a Messianic Jew, because my mother was Jewish. I began watching TBN, revisiting the ministry that had first sown those seeds of faith into my life as a child. 


Now TBN keeps me fed, and I’ve grown tremendously in my relationship with Christ. Since God healed me, I have married a godly man and become a grandmother. Jesus makes all things new! TBN has been a vital part of my healing, and I am forever grateful for the programs and rich teaching. Through TBN and a restored relationship with God through Jesus Christ, I now understand that I have a good heavenly Father. I know that I am valued and I am loved. I can hold my head up high. Thank you, TBN, for helping me on my journey!


—TBN Partner, Janet


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