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Franklin Graham Shares Family Memories!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020 / TBN Staff

Our friend Franklin Graham recently joined Matt and Laurie Crouch on PRAISE to share precious memories about his family.


In the above clip, we learn that Billy and Ruth Graham quietly helped those in need, and we also learn about their history with oyster stew!


The Graham family has always a had a heart for those in need. Franklin’s parents Billy and Ruth created a checking account they called The Help Fund, into which they would deposit Billy’s speaking honorariums. Throughout the years, The Help Fund was used to assist individuals and families who had lost their homes, their jobs, or had a financial burden. Billy and Ruth quietly helped those in need, and they did this because they loved the Lord and His people. 


Here are 3 takeaways that we can learn from Billy and Ruth Graham:


  1. They were intentional in using what the Lord blessed them with to bless others.

  2. Billy and Ruth intentionally sought those who needed help. They were aware of and sensitive to the needs of their community.

  3. They didn’t talk about blessing others. Rather, they blessed others quietly without drawing attention to themselves.


In the second half of this clip, Franklin shares about his mother’s family tradition. Ruth was born and raised in China to missionary parents. Her first language was Mandarin. The Bell family’s Christmas tradition was having oyster stew on Christmas day. As a mother, Ruth tried to pass this tradition to her children, but it didn’t take! She was the only one who participated! 


Franklin’s story of his mother’s oyster stew is one that many can relate to. Each family has its own unique Christmas traditions - some of which are idiosyncratic and don’t get passed down from generation to generation very well but are nevertheless a special part of family history! For the Grahams, oyster stew goes beyond just a meal - it’s a symbol of Ruth’s childhood as a missionary kid and it’s a symbol of God’s faithfulness in reaching the lost through Ruth’s family. 


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