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Praying Boldly Through a Crisis

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 / TBN Staff

On a recent Better Together episode, Lisa Harper explains how to pray through a crisis.


During these past few months and weeks, we’ve seen an unprecedented, invisible battle take place in the physical realm.
The coronavirus, which cannot be seen with our eyes alone, has brought the world to a literal standstill. Tourist attractions that are typically inundated with people 24/7 now look like ghost towns. Virtually every establishment that is deemed non-essential in many cities are closed.
Something else that cannot be seen is prayer. Of course, we can physically see people as they pray, but our human eyes cannot see the spiritual transaction that is happening between heaven and earth.
In the above clip from Better Together, Lisa Harper explains that there is no “wrong” way to pray when we pray through the Holy Spirit. Many times, when people—especially women— pray, we do not pray boldly. This is partly because we don’t believe we’re worthy of big prayers and partly because we have a myopic view of God.
Hebrews 4:16, tells us that we can come “boldly” to the throne of grace. This is wonderful news! Because of Jesus, we go before the God of heaven and earth with our needs and petitions—and He hears and answers them. The coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill, but just think of how much mightier God is and what great works He can do through us if we’ll only allow Him!
The best time to pray is RIGHT NOW because the past is in the past and our future on earth is not guaranteed. As people self-quarantine, practice social distancing, and retreat into their homes it creates a tremendous opportunity for introspective thinking. May we seize this opportunity and pray powerful intercessory prayers on their behalf! Maybe this period of self-isolation is stirring up a spiritual revival that Christians have been praying for.
As the world searches for a corona-cure, may we turn our attention towards the cure for our souls which is found in Jesus Christ. And may we nudge others towards Jesus through bold prayers which aren’t bound by social distancing.