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Prophecies Concealed Now Revealed

Prophecies Concealed Now Revealed by Perry Stone
Saturday, February 1, 2020 / TBN Staff

When Will Jesus Return? What Does our Future Hold?

God's Word holds the keys to the divine mysteries of God's calendar. That's why we're turning to TBN's good friend, Pastor Perry Stone for priceless understanding.
From beginning to end, Prophecies Concealed Now Revealed will help you search further into marvelous truths God has concealed in prophetic feasts and His divine calendar.
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In these 7 exciting messages on 6 DVDs, Perry Stone reveals powerful Biblical truths found in the significance of Israel’s Feasts. You will enjoy learning and relating to Christianityʼs Hebraic roots and the signs that point us to Christʼs return.
• The Setup of God’s Divine Calendar / The 7 Festivals
• The Amazing Festival of First Fruits 
• The Memorial of Trumpets 
• Prophecies Concealed in the Fall Festivals 
• The Day of Atonement: Prophetic Parallels 
• Prophetic Patterns in Israel’s Harvest Cycles 
• Restoring the Days of God’s Glory
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