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Remembering the Reason for the Christmas Season

Remembering the Reason for the Christmas Season
Sunday, December 1, 2019 / TBN Staff

Your Better Together friends speak from the heart.


Holly WagnerWhat is your favorite thing about the Christmas season? 
“One of my favorite things is the candlelight service—
in the dark with candles lit, singing ‘Silent Night.’ It
brings focus to what Christmas is all about.” —Holly Wagner




Christine CaineWhat does Christmas mean to you?

“God with us—Emmanuel. Now we have been sent by that
same God to a lost and broken world to be the hands and
feet of Jesus. There is no greater message of Christmas—
it is Good News for all people, and it’s full of great joy.” —Christine Caine
CeCe WinansWhat is your favorite Christmas song?
“One of my favorite Christmas songs is ‘Grown Up Christmas List.’
When you are a kid, you ask for toys—for material things.
But when you grow up, you realize what we really need is peace 
for our nation. You realize that  we really are Better Together.” —CeCe Winans
Lisa HarperWhat is your favorite Christmas tradition?
“My daughter, Missy, initiated one of our Christmas
traditions. She likes to open presents. She has helped
me actually enjoy the Christmas season. Our tradition is
a consistent, simple, peaceful joy.” –Lisa Harper
Hannah WongWhat does Christmas mean to you?
“Christmas is one of the best times of the year to tell people
about Jesus. Hearts are more open. People are more curious
about the story of Jesus. It’s a great time to invite people to
church and reach out to your neighbors.” —Hosanna Wong
DeeDee FreemanWhat is the greatest gift Christians can give the world?
“The greatest gift that we can give the world is Christ.
Just like Jesus is the minister of reconciliation and He
gave that gift to us, now we get to go out and give that
gift to others.” —Dr. DeeDee Freeman
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