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The State of Faith 2020

2020 State of Faith Your Journey Begins Here
Wednesday, January 1, 2020 / Matt and Laurie Crouch

The Documentary Series Hosted by Dennis Haysbert.


After thousands of miles, hundreds of grace-filled testimonies, and more than three years in the making, the documentary series, Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth, begins airing this month on TBN. The six episodes of this series are just the beginning of our yearlong journey of discovery called The State of Faith 2020. As a valued TBN Partner, we want you to be among the first to know more about this unequaled cinematic achievement and all of The State of Faith 2020 programs and specials you can look forward to seeing on TBN throughout this year. Your prayers and support have been vital to the success of this Spirit-filled undertaking!

“We give Jesus all the glory for giving us victory through Him. Laurie and I pray that you will be deeply encouraged, uplifted, and inspired by all of The State of Faith 2020 programs.” —MATT & LAURIE
So, how did the Gospel message begin with 12 Apostles more than 2,000 years ago and inexplicably become the faith of billions today? That’s a God-sized question. To uncover the answer, TBN will take you to 20 world regions throughout 2020, revealing stories of God’s historical presence and miraculous events of today. This month, we begin where Christianity all started, in Israel, then follow its spread in the Eastern Mediterranean.
“We give Jesus all the glory for giving us victory through Him. Laurie and I pray that you will be deeply encouraged, uplifted, and inspired by all of The State of Faith 2020 programs.” —MATT & LAURIE




EPISODE ONE From the Cradle of Christianity Airing this month on TBNFrom the Cradle of Christianity 

Airing this month on TBN 
Your journey begins in 1st-century Jerusalem. Here, Jesus gave His disciples the Great Commission that forever changed history: “... go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere” (Mark 16:15, TLB). The Apostle Mark took a route southward into Africa. Paul, Peter, and several others traveled north, eventually making their way to Rome, the heart of the empire.  By AD 410, the once-invincible city had fallen to the Visigoths. Find out how Christianity, the empire's official religion, fared after the dramatic turn of events.


EPISODE TWO Europe: Heroines & Heroes of the Faith Airs February on TBNEurope: Heroines & Heroes of the Faith

Airs February on TBN
With 5th-century Rome in ruin, followers of Jesus continued spreading their message to the west and north. In episode two of Inexplicable, the journey takes you in their footsteps across Germany, Britain and Ireland, Spain, Eastern Europe, and beyond. Then, in the early 16th century, the church was brought face to face with challenges that sparked the Reformation and altered Christianity forever. The Church was divided for the first time in 1,000 years; would it survive?


EPISODE THREE Latin America: Glory, Gold, & God Airs March on TBNLatin America: Glory, Gold, & God

Airs March on TBN 
In exploratory voyages from the 15th to the 19th centuries, Columbus and several other Spanish Conquistadors carried the Gospel from the Caribbean Islands to Mexico and Central and South America. In Latin America, Christianity faced long-standing pagan practices among the Aztecs, Maya, and Incas. In spite of horrific cruelty, would the power of the Gospel shine a light in such darkness?


EPISODE FOUR North America: Mavericks in the New World Airs May on TBNNorth America: Mavericks in the New World

Airs May on TBN
In the 17th century, the Pilgrims sought religious freedom in the New World. Landing at Plymouth Rock in 1620, they aimed to establish a Christian society. In time, as the Colonies marched toward independence, the church flourished and spread west. But as so often happens, new challenges arose. As America’s unity was destroyed, how would the Gospel overcome hatred and fratricide?


EPISODE FIVE Asia: The Great Wall & Beyond Airs June on TBNAsia: The Great Wall & Beyond

Airs June on TBN
Asia also played an important role in faith history. Between the 1400s and 1800s, Christianity took hold in Korea, Japan, China, and India, due in part to determined Jesuit missionaries. Yet Jesus’ warning of Christian persecution and martyrdom came to pass in great numbers. How did Christianity survive in nations dominated by ancient cultures and religions?



EPISODE SIX To the Ends of the Earth Airs July on TBNTo the Ends of the Earth

Airs July on TBN
In the 18th century, Britain began sending lawbreakers to new penal colonies in Australia. Christian chaplains accompanied the unwilling travelers aboard the prison ships. Across the ocean, our journey concludes in Africa, where, despite persecution, missionaries are bringing many people to Jesus. Today, Christianity is growing faster in Northern Africa than in almost any other part of the world.


So Much More to the Story

As part of our yearlong journey, we’ll share much more about Christianity’s expansion through other TBN programs, including 20 regional episodes of Praise, testimonies from Believers all over the world, and a new season of Drive Thru History, titled To the Ends of the Earth.
Like Praise, each of the 20 Drive Thru History episodes will take you to one of the 20 regions featured on The State of Faith 2020 journey, including Israel, the Eastern Mediterranean, China, North Africa, Southern Europe, the Caribbean Islands, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Brazil/South America, North America, the United Kingdom/ Ireland, Australia, New Zealand/the South Pacific, Russia/Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Latin America, Central Africa, India, Central Asia, and the Philippines/Indonesia/New Guinea. Plus, follow The State of Faith social media channels and website,, for additional content, updates, and schedules.
TBN is excited to share Jesus’ timeless message of hope and grace through The State of Faith 2020 initiative. We believe in a future when all the world will know Jesus as their Savior. With your treasured partnership, we will continue together, boldly shining the light of Jesus to all the world. Thank you, and may God bless you!