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Three Guarantees for 2020

Three Guarantees for 2020
Wednesday, January 22, 2020 / TBN Staff

Be at Peace in 2020


If you’re reading this right now, there’s a good chance it’s January 2020. This year and decade are mostly unwritten on our side of Heaven. As we look to all the blank pages waiting to be filled in our 2020 yearbook, there lies an entire year ahead complete with expectations and unexpected moments. 

Uncertainties can be daunting. Unmet expectations can be heartbreaking.


In the midst of a future full of uncertainties, here are three solid guarantees that we have for the new year.


  1. God will still be God. Due to recent events in the Middle East, World War III became a trending topic on social media. People everywhere are frightened, scared, angry, and confused about possible repercussions and threats of heightened violence. We can say with certainty that we don’t know what’s going to happen on a world-scale this year. There may be chaos in the upcoming months. There may be peace unlike what this world has ever experienced on this side of the Fall.  We take comfort in knowing that whatever happens in 2020 and beyond have been known by God since the beginning of time. Hebrews 13:8 tells us that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” May we be at peace with knowing that we have an Almighty God who is never-changing despite our ever-changing world around us.


  1. God knows what this year holds for you. Whether it’s new relationships, a calling fulfilled, a new adventure, an old hobby rediscovered, or something else, Jesus knows our highs and lows and everything else in-between leading up to these highs and lows. 

     He also knows on which side of Heaven we’ll experience 2020. The truth is, not every one of us or our loved ones will be here for all 366 days.

     But as Believers, we get to be with Jesus for all of them.  


  1. TBN will still push towards our mission to share the Gospel with all nations.  When Paul and Jan Crouch founded the network in 1973, they set their sights on making sure that everyone had access to Christian programming. Now that we have our feet firmly planted in the digital space, we’re happy to say that our programs are accessible by more people than ever before.  No matter what happens in our world, rest assured that the visionaries and staff at TBN are boldly unashamed of the Gospel and we will proclaim this life-changing Good News from wherever we are to wherever you are!


No matter what happens this year, we pray that you will seek Jesus in all that you do. Grow in His Word, be in prayer and community, and be blessed knowing that He loves you!