TBN - We Heard You!
Friday, June 1, 2018 / TBN Staff

Your feedback helps shape the future of Christian broadcasting.

As a TBN Partner you have a voice, and your feedback helps shape the future of Christian broadcasting. We take your opinions and suggestions that seriously. Recently, we surveyed some of our partners and were delighted with their input. As we strive to serve you better, while simultaneously pushing to send the Gospel to the unreached, we want you to know you are highly valued and what you share matters to us!
TBN is a “positive alternative” for viewers and their families.
TBN is a place we can “hear the Word of God taught.”
TBN provides “24-hour access to uplifting and encouraging programs.”

What they’re saying …


“Thank you so much for what you are doing through TBN. It has given us such wonderful encouragement, teaching, and hope as we face great challenges in our lives at this time. It’s like fellowship at home.” –Mr. and Mrs. Clarke, UK 

“TBN in Africa is the best channel, all about life and God and understanding about our Lord. I’m honored to be seeing things and good news about God. Well done to TBN in Africa.” –Gabriel, Kenya
“I love the new look of TBN and all the new programming.” –Vanessa, New York City