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Better Together
April 01 2019

A Daily Morning Show by Women and for Women!


Invite a neighbor over, grab a cup of coffee, and settle into a comfy chair. Better Together is here, the daily Christian show by women, for women. Premiering this month on TBN! 

Somebody Had to Raise Him
April 01 2019

If you like Mike Rowe of TBN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It, you’re going to love his mother and her mother!

Mike’s mother, Peggy, is a writer with a warm sense of humor that keeps you turning the pages.
Spectacular Documentaries Reveal the Truth about Christianity Around the World
April 01 2019

Spectacular Documentaries Reveal the Truth about Christianity Around the World.


What is the true state of Christianity in China? Was Christopher Columbus a missionary or a villain? What was the Spanish Inquisition? How did the

This Month in Christian History
March 01 2019

Tune in to TBN for more Christian History facts!


This Month in Christian History - Year 461


Ever wonder who St. Patrick was? The patron saint of Ireland, a missionary named Patrick, was enslaved as a youth, but escaped to Gaul (France). After a vision called him back to preach, he returned to Ireland, where he had great success. Tradition holds that he died on the 17th of March 461.

Recently on Praise.
March 01 2019

TBN’s flagship program, Praise, continues to get better and better! 

Here are a few highlights of some very special episodes.
Meet TBN Staff Pastor D Robinson
March 01 2019

I Love My Job, But It's Not a Job; It's a Joy!


Did you know that TBN has a network pastor? Pastor D Robinson, affectionately known as Pastor D, serves as the director of pastoral care. He has pastoral responsibility for the employees, volunteers, people who serve, and you, our faithful partners. The love that Pastor D has for his Savior 

My Story: Faith Forward Transformations - Kandra Albury
March 01 2019

"I Was Mute—Now I Get to Be the Voice of Children!"


As a child, Kandra Albury was a victim of sexual abuse. The trauma left her mute, not able to talk, especially in the presence of adults. She simply did not trust them. Her predator had stolen her voice.

The Beauty of Spiritual Language
March 01 2019

Gain Intimacy with God.


Pastor Jack Hayford is a dear friend of the TBN family. In fact, Paul and Jan considered Jack as their pastor for several decades. Matt and Laurie were excited to catch up with him recently as he shared about his timeless book The Beauty of Spiritual Language, one of this month’s featured resources.