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Jesus' Sevenfold Gift of Grace to the World. We want you to know how praying from Christ's Victory changes Everything.
April 01 2020

Jesus' Sevenfold Gift of Grace to the World.


What a gift we have in Jesus! Laurie and I write to you today to help you understand more about the many facets of that wonderful gift. And we want to share with you, dear partner, our prayer—and TBN’s mission—that the eyes of the world are opened to this gift as well.

Recently on Praise. Here are a few highlights of some very special episodes. Missed some past episodes of Praise? Watch anytime at
April 01 2020

Here are some highlights on some very special TBN Praise episodes.

Missed past episodes of Praise?  Watch anytime at
This month we celebrate one year of Better Together!
April 01 2020

On April 22, 2019, TBN launched its first original daily series for women. 

TBN March Gift offer
March 01 2018

Learn to Receive and Share God's Healing Power!


Create an Atmosphere for Miracles Through Worship

If you have ever longed to pray more effectively for the sick and hurting, if you’ve been frustrated or discouraged by a seeming inability to see God’s healing power manifested in you or those you care about ... Bill Johnson’s classic 

March 01 2018

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Erick Stakelbeck spoke with international speaker and bestselling author Jonathan Cahn concerning his newest bestseller The Paradigm.
February 01 2018

Recently, I ventured on to our video-on-demand site and was browsing through the vast video archives.

February 01 2018
Kick things off with Huckabee as he discusses the intersection of Christian faith and our changing culture, while including prominent and interesting names from the worlds of media, faith, literature, music, and more.
February 01 2018
TBN UK has been the primary media partner for Revival Alliance—an international series of conferences— for many years.