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Better Together
April 01 2019

A Daily Morning Show by Women and for Women!


Invite a neighbor over, grab a cup of coffee, and settle into a comfy chair. Better Together is here, the daily Christian show by women, for women. Premiering this month on TBN! 

Somebody Had to Raise Him
April 01 2019

If you like Mike Rowe of TBN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It, you’re going to love his mother and her mother!

Mike’s mother, Peggy, is a writer with a warm sense of humor that keeps you turning the pages.
Spectacular Documentaries Reveal the Truth about Christianity Around the World
April 01 2019

Spectacular Documentaries Reveal the Truth about Christianity Around the World.


What is the true state of Christianity in China? Was Christopher Columbus a missionary or a villain? What was the Spanish Inquisition? How did the

TBN's March Gift Offer - The Way of Life - new book by Bill Johnson
March 01 2019

Enjoy These Special Resources During Healing Month!


Bill Johnson’s newest book, The Way of Life: Experiencing the Culture of Heaven on Earth, reveals the keys to seeing the kinds of daily miracles and breakthroughs that bring heaven to earth all around you. Discover how to adopt a miracle-producing Kingdom mindset in your everyday life. 

Dr. Alveda King: We All Bleed the Same
February 20 2019

Dr. Alveda King Explains How We Are All One Race.


February is Black History Month, which celebrates African-American heritage and looks back on people that were and are still so important to our country. From Dr. Martin Luther King,  Jr. to Frederick Douglass to Maya Angelou,

Perry Stone: The Connect to God's Covenant and You
February 20 2019

Covenant is a Powerful Word. 


It’s a legal term meaning agreement, deed, or contract. It’s the strongest form of a promise.


We see in the Bible that God had made a covenant with Abram, one of the early fathers of our faith (Genesis 17).

Mike Hayes: God Will Always Keep His Promises
February 20 2019

God Supports the Land of His Promise. 


This is the strong, simple message of how Israel connects with the modern-day church, says Pastor Mike Hayes.


Now, you’d think that would be an easy message to preach, but for an American pastor like Mike Hayes,

February 01 2019

Exploring the Cultural Impact of Christianity Around the World.


A carpenter’s son was their leader—this small group of “rebel” Jewish men including a tax collector, a tentmaker, and some fishermen who were committed to following Him, even unto death. But the carpenter’s son was not an ordinary man; He was the Messiah. And this ragtag group of followers were full of the Holy Spirit.