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Pictured: Franklin Graham with Matt and Laurie Crouch | Grateful! Giving Thanks in Every Season
November 1, 2020

Giving Thanks in Every Season - 1 THESSALONIANS 5:18

As we head into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season this year, there is no doubt that for many of us, our gratefulness to God will be especially abundant as we reflect on His faithfulness through the many months of uncertainty and turmoil that have swept
Interceding for America
November 1, 2020

TBN Covers Historic Prayer Gatherings in Our Nations's Capital.


PRAYER MARCH 2020 — On Sept. 26 TBN was on hand in Washington, DC to cover Prayer March 2020, hosted by Franklin Graham, and The Return, hosted by pastor and author Jonathan Cahn. The two events marked a

November 1, 2020

Hope and Grace for Poland.


In a land once ruled by communist oppression, the light of God’s love is breaking through. On the air since 2016, Christian television network TBN Polska is covering the nation of Poland with life-changing programming

Your Strength Comes From God’s Grace
July 1, 2020

Better Together Series: Change Starts with Us. 


Laurie Crouch hosts discussions on race and equality in America with CeCe Winans, Nicole C. Mullen, Janice Gaines, and Dr. Robyn Wilkerson.

TBN Viewership is Exploding!
July 1, 2020

People are More Open Than Ever to the Good News About Jesus.


Over the past several months TBN viewership has increased by an astounding 30 percent.

Changed Hearts, Changed Lives
July 1, 2020

How Have You or Someone You Love Been Impacted by TBN? Email Us Your Testimony to:


“I have been a Christian all my life, but my faith has grown stronger in 25 years through Bible study and listening
With Liberty and Justice for All
July 1, 2020

As We Celebrate the 4th of July, Many Americans are Joining Together in Spirit to Cry Out for Unity in Our “One Nation Under God.”


It was just 244 years ago that this God-ordained miracle called the United States of America was birthed. The foundation for this great nation has always been the “self evident” truths

Trilogy Christian Publishing
July 1, 2020

TBN Has Its Own Publishing Department Called Trilogy. 

Trilogy is dedicated to producing life-changing Christian books and providing a dynamic publishing platform for both new and seasoned Christian authors. TBN launched Trilogy specifically for authors who really want to give their books wide