October 8, 2018







Associate Producer/Script Writer – 2020/SOF



TBN is the worldwide leader in Christian television production and distribution. As such, TBN will produce a year-long global series of live events and televised programming.  The successful candidate for this position will be a person who brings a breadth of experience with the creation of, writing of, and production of both television feature stories and documentaries.




Duties & Tasks:



  • Review and adapt, as assigned and necessary, documentary content for 2020/State of Faith into documentary outlines.
  • Assist the Script Supervisor in analysis and correction of narrative scripts created by production teams for documentaries.
  • Liaise with documentary teams during all phases of pre-production, which may include the following:
  •      *Identifying experts for interviews
  •      *Prioritizing content highlights and specifics as “must haves” for each episode.
  •      *Reviewing and rewriting submitted narration scripts (post-field production).
  • Produce special projects as assigned.




Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:



  • Minimum 5 years of professional writing/producing experience at a national or international television network level
  • Demonstrated excellence in written communication
  • Demonstrated experience in researching story leads and contacts for televised content
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to excel under pressure and make deadlines
  • Ability to communicate and work well with members of various international production companies to achieve our common purposes




Preferred Qualifications:


College degree in broadcast communication, media or film.  Graduate degree preferred.  Minimum of 5 years professional experience required.




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