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Post Production Supervisor - Trilogy Tustin, CA

May 23, 2019

Post Supervisors are responsible for all aspects of the Post Production process.



  • Post Supervisors are responsible for scheduling, management, and attendance of all Post Production-related meetings and sessions, including: assemblies, edits, locks, spots, reviews, mixes, color corrections, and QC’s. 
  • Post Supervisors are also responsible for Animation Retakes: they notate, budget, and transmit retake notes and materials given by key creative and technical producers. These notes and materials are sent to the animation studios that we work with around the globe. Writing in clear and concise English for proper translation into other languages is an important skill that is necessary in this role. 
  • Post Production Supervisors are liaisons between the production, the studio, and the network. They must see to it that all scheduling and budgetary concerns (as they relate to post production) are followed and it is their responsibility to alert the Show Producers of any problems that may arise that would cause the production to miss delivery/exploitation dates or to fall outside of the agreed upon Post Production budget. 
  • Post Production Supervisors work closely with show runners, creators, network execs, picture editors, audio editors, machine room operators, vault/librarian personnel, and out-of-house post production vendors. They must create and maintain a close personal working relationship with all of these people and balance their relationships in order to produce and deliver the finest quality product within the given time frames and budgets of the shows. 
  • Post Supervisors are responsible for overseeing and ensuring the generation and delivery of all post production elements for delivery to the Network and to the Studio’s archive. 
  • Post Supervisors are also responsible for keeping up to date on current and emerging technologies for post production, mastering, and distribution.  


Basic Qualifications  

  • 2D and CG Animation Post Production experience. 
  • Proficiency in the MS Office Suite of apps, Filemaker Pro, and Photoshop is required. 
  • Knowledge of the standard, professional NLE apps for Picture and Sound Editorial, Compositing, and Mastering is necessary. Also, knowledge of the common media container formats and codecs for Picture and Sound is also necessary. 
  • Experience as a filmmaker in other aspects of production outside of Post is a plus.   


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