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Nominate the hero in your life!


During each episode of Huckabee, Mike chooses an everyday American hero to feature in a segment called “Huck’s Hero.”

Policemen, soldiers, teachers, firefighters, religious leaders -- highlighting Americans who have displayed a genuine act of bravery in his or her community.

Today, we’re asking you to tell us about someone in YOUR life whose selflessness deserves to be heard by the rest of the country.

Nominate the hero in your life for a chance for him or her to be featured as “Huck’s Hero” on our next segment.

America doesn’t respect heroes like we used to. Cops are treated like villains. We always see the bad guys win in the movies. Courage and honor aren’t taught as virtues anymore. And the media only talks about selfless sacrifice to score political points.

But just because our mainstream culture doesn’t appreciate heroes like we once did, it doesn’t mean America’s heroes no longer exist.

They’re out there -- and it’s up to us to find them and tell their stories.

So please nominate the hero in your life, and he or she will be featured in the next segment of “Huck’s Hero.”