Walter Spires

TBN Person


“I love studying and teaching the infallible Word of God to people – from all walks of life, regardless of zip code – for one reason: Lead some to the understand the biblical love of God, the need for a Savior created by our sins, and salvation alone in Jesus Christ. Life begins there!”

The phrase, “from all walks of life—regardless of zip code”, has special meaning to speaker and evangelist Walter Spires. For several decades, he has been serving, evangelizing, and discipling men and women in rescue missions, life recovery programs, prison, churches, and business professionals.  

Walter is author of three published books and one e-book, including When the Lost Get Found: Confronting the Prodigal in You and Me." He hosted a radio show called Minute for Men and has appeared as a guest on radio and television programs. Walter has been a guest speaker for corporate and association events, inspiring thousands of sales and management professionals, as well as church and ministry organizations.