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Please stand in agreement with me for a job. I have already prayed and asked God for the perfect job for my temperament and a perfect fit. I am a single mom and unemployed. I live in Johannesburg. I would like to work close to home. Yolani // April 24 2017
Please pray for my healing, multiple issues from Fibromyalgia‎, heart, and a hernia. Silvia // April 24 2017
Prayers for my granddaughter Elianna & her parents. Elianna has been diagnosed with acute exertion compartment syndrome. It's a rare condition that doesn't allow blood to flow through the muscle properly. It's extremely painful. James // April 24 2017
I am 40 years old from Trinidad. I have two boys from C-section and got my tubes tied. However I've been living with regrets for 4 years now. Please pray for me to conceive again. I'm not sure this miracle is possible, please help me to believe. Merissa // April 24 2017
Please pray. My Dr said I have Stage 3 breast cancer in the lymph nodes. Pray my immune system strengthens & the tumor continues to shrink & disappear! I am not under Dr's care and am doing fine, but this tumor has to go...request 30 days Lynzie // April 24 2017
Please pray that God heals and delivers me from oppression, Thanks. Ann // April 24 2017
I am an Indian citizen who was working in Kuwait. A few months ago, I lost my job. I am trying my best to find another job. Please pray that I find a new job as soon as possible. Harvy // April 24 2017
My mother will be having a MRI on the brain at 9 am tomorrow. She is having issues with her balance due to a tumor on the back of her head. Praying for total healing. Thanks. Dorothy // April 23 2017
Pray that my church becomes a soul winning church, also pray for my husbands health, he has heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, has arthritis. Also pray for a 12 year old girl Emily she has leukemia. Thanks for your prayers. Trudy // April 23 2017
For Betty, as she will be having pacemaker surgery on Monday, April 24th, in the early morning. Larry // April 19 2017
Please ask God to miraculously intervene. My wife says she will file for divorce very soon. Please pray that she stays with me and does not divorce me and for God to soften her heart, love me again and restore our marriage and family. Michael // April 19 2017
Dear God, I pray that its your will to let me get into the radiology program this fall at OSU-OKC. I want to better my education and my life to take care of my family. Please God, let me into this program. Alicia // April 19 2017
I am in recovery from drug addiction. My husband and I both need prayer for healing from this stronghold. God has always been there but we would just ask for extra support through prayer. Please pray for our kids and generational curses be broken. Thank You. Amber // April 19 2017
Please pray for my sister Susan who is having pain in her foot where part of toe was removed. It's not healing because of another blockage. Praying she doesn't have a 3rd surgery in less than a year on the same leg. Trish // April 18 2017
I have been suffering from a liver disease for 4 to 5 years. I want to do something with my life, but I cannot. Please pray for me so I can get healed in Jesus Name. Junior // April 18 2017
Pray that I am healed of endometriosis and polyps and that I will be able to conceive naturally. Praise The Lord. Amen. Abigail // April 18 2017
I'm 24 year old from Accra, Ghana who wants to enroll in the maritime university. Sadly, the cost of tuition which is roughly $1500 per semester is above my family's ability. I would like you to pray for me to get a way to cover tuition. Thank you. Obed // April 17 2017
Pray that I am led to the right wife, a soulmate to bond with deeply for life, not just to live with for a time, a blessed and holy matrimony and marriage of trust and love and devotion, a wife who is the right blend of mind, body, spirit, and soul. Stephen // April 16 2017
Please pray for my good friend Erma Jean who is battling colon cancer and is on life support this week. They want to do surgery Monday April 17th. Pray for total healing and restoration with supernatural help. Sonya // April 15 2017
Pray for my husband Benny who had a stroke and can't walk or use his left arm. He is now in Lifecare with a bedsore. He also has some memory loss and has seizures. Please pray for our finances. We are behind on bills. Alice // April 15 2017
Please pray God's protection against the evil ISIS terrorists from killing innocent Christians in the U.S & around the world. Pray that every wicked plan to hurt innocent people will be thwarted and for the protection of our leaders & our military. Carolina // April 14 2017
My name is Foday and I live in Sierra Leone, Africa. I lost my father many years ago and my mother has been taking care of me, but now she is seriously ill and can no longer do so. Please pray for us. Foday // April 14 2017
I don't speak English very well. I'm Angolan and I'm married. I have a big problem watching pornography. Please, help me. Pray for me. I don't want it in my life, it makes me feel so down. António // April 14 2017
Please pray that I get money for food and bills from an unexpected source and not my parents because I have been a burden to them. sharon // April 14 2017
I request that God gives my only son a really good job and keep him from going into the Military and for the will of God be done now in his life concerning love, marriage, career and Salvation. Kasara // April 13 2017
Please pray for a coworkers 3 year old they are testing him for meningitis - please pray that is negative and he gets well- also please pray for my daughter, my self and- especially my grandson -as we have been under the weather. Lisa // April 13 2017
Prayer for my granddaughter Miranda she doesn't understand her school work, the subject of physics. Request wisdom, knowledge, & understanding in the the name of Jesus. Amen Noemi // April 13 2017
Today I got a death threat on Hollywood Blvd for doing my job. I am getting the police involved. I need God's protection. Thank you. Kirk // April 13 2017
We have an unspoken urgent request. Vanice // April 13 2017
Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am requesting prayer because my boss knows that I am a believer in Christ, and she has scheduled me to work every Sunday, making it difficult for me to go to the House of the Lord. Joy Ann // April 13 2017