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I need prayer for my son's college tuition to be paid in full. He is leaving in the fall to attend school and now they are saying that he needs $12,000 more to attend. I am praying for a miracle! LaTonya // June 19 2017
I've just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I'm a brand new mother. Going from doctor to doctor trying to find help. Please pray for me. Ashley // June 19 2017
My son needs prayer to be delivered from smoking vape and return to college. My daughter needs prayer to focus on her education more and be a virtuous women. Saudia // June 19 2017
Thanks for praying. I need healing for my left Achilles heel that's swollen and painful when walking. Also, we need ABBA to find buyer for our house to be sold at the highest price so we can payoff our debts. Armand // June 18 2017
My step father in San Antonio Texas is having a major surgery today for his esophagus cancer stage 3 removing most of his trachea and attaching it to his stomach. Please pray for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Kris // June 16 2017
I have a job but I've always wanted to work for a ministry or do more for God using my talents. I need direction as I'd need health care for myself and husband. Would like to be able to help my parents but cannot on my salary. Susan // June 16 2017