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I have had chronic pain for years. I am beginning to resent it when I hear other people have been healed and I am not. What is worse--resentment toward God for not healing me or if I kill my self because I can not stand the pain anymore? LaRee // May 23 2017
Please agree with me for the healing of my mother Casceal of stage 4 cancer. Thank you. MacArthur // May 20 2017
Need healing in left shoulder and back. Klaude // May 18 2017
Praying for a speedy settlement on my auto accident. Tomorrow is the insurance last day to respond. I'm praying they don't respond so we can settle and be done with this and I can start paying these doctors bills. Tonia // May 17 2017
Need prayer for my 21 yr old daughter's health and for her to come home after moving thousands of miles away and moving in with her boyfriend. She got engaged and we found out thru social media. Devastated, can't sleep. Not like her. Please pray. Sandy // May 17 2017
Need a special prayer for my daughter, who is new to salvation. Her car is not working and we pray problem is minor. I have had a hard time too. Divorced after 27 yrs. My son was murdered in my house, and I had to sale it. I put God first. Pray. Debbie // May 17 2017
I have been having a lot of anxiety attacks and PTSD. I am having trouble falling asleep. At work the symptoms get worse. Please pray for one specific issue that God knows I have been struggling with for one year. Thank you. Audrey // May 16 2017
Praying for my son Jonathan's 54th birthday today. That the Lord will bless him with His love, healing, and provision and that his children will call him & he will feel loved. Amen. Lorraine // May 16 2017
Jesus, please let my application stand out. Lord bless my application with your favor. Please usher in a job interview that will lead to a job offer for the right job today. Amen! Bless you mighty God Quinton // May 16 2017
Please pray for my niece Megan who is 22 yrs old and in the hospital for the 3rd time for a bowel obstruction. Doctors are debating on whether or not to perform surgery, and now she is running a fever. Veronica // May 15 2017
Healing of my degenerative disc disease in my neck. Relief for pinched nerves and the head tremors to stop. Restore neck to healthy condition. Thank you!! Susan // May 15 2017
Pray for my finances. I need a right now miracle. Favor with bill collectors. In Jesus name Connie // May 10 2017
Understanding in my marriage. We are growing apart again. Liliana // May 10 2017
Please pray that my relationship be reconciled immediately. It’s a dire situation. Please pray my other half will have the courage to do what’s right and can be honest. I am in need of courage as well. Please also pray that I find a job in my field. chris // May 9 2017
Please pray for a member of our family. His name is Jay. He is fighting cancer and recently had a bout with pneumonia. Thanks for praying. John // May 6 2017
That He would teach me and my 6 children how to pray and intercede for those situations that break His heart.To protect my children To touch my husbands heart to have him come back home to know how to love his wife and children . Yasmin // May 6 2017
Breakthrough needed in our finances to pay all past due bills hanging over our head. The abundant, prosperity anointing to rest upon us & our business & home & overflow in our bank accounts. An ample savings account to come about quickly. Gloria // May 6 2017
Please pray for a co-worker's niece's 3-day old baby boy undergoing open heart surgery this morning. The doctors say he will need additional surgeries and possibly a heart transplant. Thank you, Kathy Kathy // May 5 2017