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Check out What People Are Saying About Orlando's Holy Land Experience Faith-and-Family Theme Park

ORLANDO, FLA. (January 6, 2016) — What are vacationers to Central Florida saying about Holy Land Experience, Orlando's one-of-a-kind faith-and-family theme park that brings the land of the Bible to life? How about this for a start:


– “A Must Experience!”

– “Powerful Performances.”

– “The Highlight of My Trip!”

– “Like Being in the Holy Land.”


These and hundreds of other enthusiastic endorsements are coming in to TripAdvisor, one of the most-used travel websites on the Internet. TripAdvisor offers reviews and user-generated recommendations for tens of thousands of vacation sites around the nation — including hundreds in Orlando, Florida, America's premier family-friendly vacation center.


Not surprising to those familiar with its treasure-trove of inspirational exhibits, life-changing productions, and over-the-top kid-friendly fun, Holy Land Experience has been rated on TripAdvisor as one of the top destinations for vacationers to visit when they're in Orlando.


“For years folks from across the nation and world have been coming to Holy Land Experience through the enthusiastic recommendations of friends and family,” explained park manager Mike Everett. “Now, with sites like TripAdvisor rating us, the number of thumbs-up from our friends and guests has really exploded.”


Here's just a sampling of the endorsements people who have visited Holy Land Experience are posting on TripAdvisor:


– “My daughter visited and raved about this place. So my husband and I decided to visit, and we were so glad we did. This was the best attraction I have visited in the state of Florida. I have never seen anything so beautiful and moving. It was a fulfilling experience. I want my other family members to visit as well....”


– “There is so much to do and to see at this place. You don't want to miss a minute of it. My recommendation is to be sure to take Communion with Jesus. It will leave you speechless.”


– “Holy Land Experience was amazing. The actual reproduction of the Tabernacle, the rebuilt Temple, the empty tomb, the re-enactments of the gospel stories about Jesus, the archaeology, and the miniature of the city of Jerusalem were just a blessing. I would recommend every Christian to check this place out.”


– “My wife and I visited Holy Land Experience while on vacation in Orlando. It was wonderful. It was more than we expected. It is a must see attraction when you visit Orlando.”


– “I loved all of the Holy Land Experience. It was breath taking. The shows were all so real and beautiful — everyone was so kind.... I wish all my friends and family could experience what I did....”


How about you? If you've never spent a life-changing day (or more) at Holy Land Experience, check out our short video HERE, check us out online at, and CLICK HERE to view more comments on TripAdvisor from guests who have been to Holy Land Experience and plan to come back again and again.


Then start planning your next vacation to Orlando, and to the one-of-a-kind faith-and-family destination where the land of the Bible comes to life — Holy Land Experience!


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