The Constitution and “America’s Hidden History,” Monday, September 17th, on TBN | TBN

The Constitution and “America’s Hidden History,” Monday, September 17th, on TBN

PHILADELPHIA (September 17, 2018) — As Benjamin Franklin exited Philadelphia’s Independence Hall at the close of America’s constitutional convention in 1787, he was asked what sort of government he and the other delegates had devised in their nearly four months of painstaking work. “A republic,” Franklin famously responded, “ — if you can keep it.”


The U.S. Constitution has been the foundational document and guiding force of the American Republic for the past 230 years. On Monday, September 17th, Constitution Day, noted historians David and Tim Barton from Wall Builders are in Philadelphia for a special TBN installment of America’s Hidden History, taking a look at a handful of the signers of the Constitution, and exploring why this carefully sculpted document has kept America on course for over two centuries as a nation of liberty under law.


David Barton noted that while many Americans today know very little about the U.S. Constitution, it is one of the most remarkable documents ever devised for governing a nation. “On average the other countries of the world come up with a new constitution every seventeen years,” Barton observed, “while the United States of America has had the same one for well over two centuries? Why is that? What do we know about those who put together this document, and why it has stood for so long?”


From such high-profile Founding Fathers as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton, to more obscure historical figures like Gunning Bedford Jr. and John Dickinson, the nearly forty men who signed the U.S. Constitution were by and large men of faith in God who were devoted to liberty and committed to establishing an American government founded on fixed laws rather than the whims and prejudices of men.


Spotlighting Benjamin Franklin, Tim Barton pointed out that while this well-known historical figure is often remembered as one of America’s more secular founders, in reality he was deeply influenced by legendary “Great Awakening” evangelist George Whitfield, many of whose sermons Franklin published in his profession as a printer. Said Barton: “During the constitutional convention, when things were not going well, it was Benjamin Franklin who rose to challenge the other delegates that they needed to pray and ask God for His help in the process.”


David Barton explained that in attempting to determine what most influenced the production of the Constitution, historical researchers went back and read thousands of the writings of the Founding Fathers to see who they quoted. “It took these researchers ten years, but they were able to trace 3,154 direct quotes in the writings of the founders back to their original sources,” Barton said. “And what they found was that the most cited source was the Bible” — four times more quoted than the most highly cited legal and political philosophers, Charles Montesquieu, Willam Blackstone, and John Locke.


Said Barton: “In looking at the men who signed the U.S. Constitution, we’re able to see the faith and the wisdom they had in crafting this governing document that is the gold standard for the rest of the world.”


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