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Global Christian Broadcast Leader TBN Impacting Uganda, Estonia, and Eastern Europe With Quality Faith-and-Family Television

LOS ANGELES (April 15, 2014) — How does a small, low-power TV station in Southern California grow into the largest faith-and-family broadcaster in the world? It happens step by step, with faith, perseverance, and strategic partnership. Matthew Crouch, Vice President of global religious television leader Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), recalled that when his parents, Paul and Jan Crouch, launched TBN in 1973, they had little idea the worldwide impact their efforts would one day have. “All they knew was that God had called them to build a Christian television outreach, and as He opened doors they launched miracles stations, first across America, and then overseas.”


Today TBN covers the U.S. 24 hours a day with five faith-and-family networks broadcasting on 37 full-power stations and every major cable and satellite provider, reaching 100 million U.S. households. And globally TBN is reaching over one billion potential viewers through a broad spectrum of TBN networks and affiliates throughout Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia — every inhabited continent.


TBN regularly highlights its many global networks and affiliates, emphasizing the important role they play in the network's mission of reaching the world with the gospel. Recently TBN shined its spotlight on two national networks that are among its most seasoned and effective international broadcast partners, Uganda's Lighthouse Television in Eastern Africa, and Life TV Estonia in Eastern Europe.


“TBN has been privileged to partner with Uganda's Lighthouse Television and Life TV Estonia for several years as they have broadcast life-changing programming to viewers throughout their respective countries,” said Mr. Crouch. “They are both stellar examples of the types of strategic partnerships TBN has enjoyed over the years as we have expanded around the world.”


Launched in 1997 with the help of TBN founder Paul Crouch, Uganda's Lighthouse Television broadcasts from the capital city of Kampala, reaching more than 15 million households and potential viewers across Uganda on both terrestrial and cable platforms. The network offers viewers a broad mix of TBN's most popular ministry programs, family-friendly movies, shows for kids, and exciting music and programs for teens and young adults. With the addition of programming from popular Uganda pastors, regional gospel music shows, and even local children's programming, Lighthouse Television combines an international focus with a distinct Ugandan flavor that has made it one of the most popular television networks in the country.


Estonia's Life TV began very modestly in 1995 as a tiny television station reaching out to a few thousand Russian speaking individuals in a small neighborhood in Tallinn, Estonia's capital city. Today through the partnership of TBN, Life TV Estonia has grown into two powerful networks reaching a potential of over 100 million viewers — one network covering the nation of Estonia through cable broadcast with entertaining and inspirational programming in both Estonian and Russian; the other reaching tens of millions of viewers throughout Russia and Eastern Europe via satellite with faith-and-family programming in the Russian language.


“Like TBN, both Life TV and Lighthouse Television began as small local stations offering Christian programming to a few thousand viewers,” noted Matthew Crouch. “Today these strong TBN partners are reaching many millions of viewers in their own countries and far beyond with impacting television that is changing individuals, communities, and nations. They are representative of the many valuable global partnerships TBN has forged in its forty-plus years of broadcasting the gospel message around the world.”


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