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Holy Land Experience Retools “Passion” Drama Ahead of Easter Season

ORLANDO, FLA. (March 21, 2017) — As vacationers travel to Central Florida over Easter and spring break to enjoy the area's world-class attractions, thousands are spending a day or more at Orlando's Holy Land Experience, the inspirational family-friendly vacation destination where the land of the Bible comes alive through award-winning theatrical productions and colorful interactive exhibits designed for every member of the family.


This Easter season guests to Holy Land Experience will enjoy some truly life-changing theatrical productions, including an updated version of the park's popular outdoor Passion drama. Entitled His Story, the award-winning production returns to the streets of Holy Land Experience to offer guests an up-close and unforgettable reenactment of the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Holy Land Experience manager Mike Everett noted that thousands of individuals from around the world have already pre-booked for the park's highly anticipated Easter season, which runs from mid-March through April 29th. “We are excited to welcome our many friends and guests to an unforgettable Easter season at Holy Land Experience,” he said. “In response to countless requests, we are bringing back the life-changing Passion drama to our authentic outdoor Calvary location. This venue puts our guests right in the center of the action, where they will experience Christ's passion in an extraordinary and personal way.”


Additionally, the park is introducing some great new productions that will play both outdoors in an interactive setting, as well as in the park's 1,800-seat state-of-the-art auditorium. Among the exclusive and original productions:


– Love Never Fails, the moving Old Testament love story of Ruth and Boaz, whose great grandson would become Israel's greatest earthly king.


– The Prodigal Son, an all-new Holy Land Experience musical that recounts with creative passion the story of a lost and broken son whose devoted father welcomes home with loving arms of forgiveness.


– The Lost & Found Agency, a fascinating, interactive show for kids of all ages that follows a colorful team of specialists called upon to help a shepherd find his lost sheep, a young lady locate a valuable missing coin — and a lost young man find his way back home.


Guests will also enjoy the park's many entertaining and inspirational interactive exhibits including:


– The world-renowned Scriptorium that features a collection of priceless manuscripts, scrolls, biblical antiquities, and artifacts. The enlightening presentations that accompany the exhibits offer visitors a close-up view of Bible and church history.


– The Wilderness Tabernacle, the heart of worship for the children of Israel after their exodus from Egypt. This awe-inspiring exhibit takes guests on an unforgettable journey through Israel’s ancient priesthood, culminating with a breathtaking depiction of God's glory revealed above the Ark of the Covenant.


– The Great Temple, a magnificent representation of the Jewish holy place that once stood on hallowed Mount Moriah in First Century Jerusalem.


Golgotha, a dramatic recreation of the place in biblical Israel where Jesus Christ was crucified and died. Built in part with stones collected from the countryside surrounding Jerusalem, this impacting exhibit is built atop another popular Holy Land Experience site, the profoundly moving recreation of the biblical Garden Tomb, where the body of Jesus was laid after His crucifixion — and from where He was miraculously resurrected three days later. A guided interactive tour makes this a must-see experience.


There's also an all-new version of the park's Smile of a Child Adventure Land, where younger guests can burn up plenty of energy on the totally safe rock-climbing walls, play an exciting round of mini-golf featuring Bible story characters, have their faces painted, and enjoy an inspirational Bible story.


Mr. Everett said that changed lives and renewed hearts are the foundation of everything that goes on at Holy Land Experience. “We are privileged every day to see our friends and guests deeply blessed through their time spent with us,” he said, adding that the traditional spring break and Easter season is a particularly popular time for individuals and families to visit the park. “We look forward to this time every year as so many people come to Central Florida for vacation, and thousands find rest, relaxation, and inspiration at Holy Land Experience.”


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