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Prayer Remains Key Component of Success for Christian Television Leader Trinity Broadcasting Network

LOS ANGELES (January 10, 2014) — In 2013 Trinity Broadcasting Network's prayer department received 905,558 requests for prayer from viewers throughout the world. That's right! TBN's 24-hour team of dedicated prayer partners joined with nearly one million individuals who called, e-mailed, and wrote in throughout the year, agreeing with them for answers to spiritual, health, financial, family, and other needs.


TBN Vice President Matthew Crouch noted that the number averages out to a request coming in every thirty seconds to the prayer ministry that Paul and Jan Crouch established on the first night TBN went on the air in 1973. “That's more than 100 prayer requests every hour of every day, 365 days per year, each one taken to the throne of God by a TBN prayer partner!” he said. “My parents understood from the very beginning that nothing would be more important to TBN's success than lifting up the burdens of those in need. And while we've grown from one station to 26 global networks, that simple strategy of prayer remains crucial to TBN's success.”


Among the many answers to prayer recorded by the TBN prayer department throughout 2013 were the 7,235 individuals who called to put their faith in Christ — a number that represents just a small percentage of the over 35 million men, women, and children who have come to faith as a result of TBN's global outreach over the past four decades.


“TBN's prayer center has been a life line for millions of individuals over the the years,” said Donna Recinos, who helps manage TBN's prayer ministry. “From physical, emotional, and financial needs, to calls for personal salvation or for loved ones in desperate straits, every hour of every day TBN's prayer partners are reaching out to help people find God in their time of need.”


Mr. Crouch said that as TBN continues to grow throughout the world, “nothing is more important to us than to realize people are being powerfully impacted through our ministry of prayer. And as long as this network is on the air broadcasting programming that changes lives and destinies, our prayer partners will be there as they have for the past forty-plus years, praying and rejoicing with those who are being touched by God through TBN.”


TBN's prayer partners are available at 714-731-1000. To find out more about TBN and the 26 global members of its Family of Networks, log on to


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