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  • 02:00am John Gray World
  • 02:30am Joel Osteen & Tyler Perry: Higher is Waiting
  • 03:00am The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck
  • 03:30am Max Lucado: Unshakable Hope
  • 04:00am Joel Osteen
  • 04:30am Joseph Prince
  • 05:00am Animated Stories from the Bible
  • 05:30am Pahappahooey Island
  • 06:00am Rockids TV
  • 06:30am Auto B Good
  • 07:00am Joel Osteen
  • 07:30am Joseph Prince
  • 08:00am VeggieTales
  • 08:30am Mary Rice Hopkins & Puppets with a Heart
  • 09:00am Monster Truck Adventures
  • 09:30am Davey & Goliath
  • 10:00am iShine KNECT
  • 10:30am Mike's Inspiration Station
  • 11:00am Drive Thru History: The Gospels
  • 11:30am Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives
  • 12:00pm Joseph Prince: Live the Let-Go Life
  • 12:30pm Christian World News
  • 01:00pm Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
  • 02:00pm Billy Graham Crusade (Classic)
  • 02:30pm Main Stage
  • 03:00pm Bill & Gloria Gaither: Precious Memories
  • 04:00pm In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
  • 05:00pm Huckabee
  • 06:00pm Somebody's Gotta Do It
  • 06:30pm Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller
  • 07:30pm Pathway to Victory
  • 08:00pm Huckabee
  • 09:00pm Somebody's Gotta Do It
  • 09:30pm The Bouquet
  • 11:00pm Casting Crowns Presents: The Very Next Thing
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