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Featured Video When The Devil Rings The Doorbell Part 1
Feb 14, 2020 | 00:00:00
Today we are going to discover how Jesus Christ successfully defeated Satan’s plan to destroy God’s purpose for His life.; GO TO PROGRAM PAGE
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Nov 22, 2004 | 1:39:24
The apocalyptic Book of Daniel and Book of Revelation are said to predict that "he who controls Jerusalem in the final days" will control the world. What if someone could use the latest techonology to finally untangle these prophecies, break the code, and
May 2, 2004 | 52:40
The world-changing saga of Paul the Apostle.
Jan 1, 2002 | 1:58:21
Karla Faye Tucker FOREVERMORE is based on a true story that shook the world of capital punishment.