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Featured Video How to Prepare Your Heart | October 15, 2020
Oct 15, 2020 | 00:00:00
Hear how to maintain your heart in a fixed position and continually prepare your heart and seek the Lord. The greatest temptations occur when we are bored and have lost our vision for God's plan in our life. GO TO PROGRAM PAGE
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Sep 29, 2020 | 27:29
Join the dynamic leadership and teaching of Dr. Creflo and Taffi Dollar.
Sep 29, 2020 | 27:28
Joshua Gagnon combines authentic personal stories and Biblical truth to encourage and inspire.
Sep 28, 2020 | 57:29
The sound Bible-based teaching of Turning Point carries forward the goal of delivering the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world.
Sep 24, 2020 | 27:29
Hagee Ministries are committed to change America by taking all the Gospel to all the world and to all generations.
Sep 23, 2020 | 27:29
Dr. Derwin Gray delivers timely messages with theological conviction on how Jesus can transform lives.
Sep 23, 2020 | 27:29
Marriage isn’t an institution to be taken lightly; instead; it’s an opportunity to align with a clear mission and effect change in the Earth. Beware; for the enemy seeks to divide us as the Holy Spirit reigns in our agreement.
Sep 23, 2020 | 26:00
Christine Caine travels the world teaching the Gospel and inspiring her audience to reach their God-given purpose and potential.
Sep 22, 2020 | 27:29
Pastor Steven Furtick teaches us to let go of what we’ve known to step into what God has next.
Sep 21, 2020 | 27:29
Don Wilton presents a strong expository preaching from God's Word.
Sep 20, 2020 | 27:29
Are you feeling unseen; in an unchanging season? There’s something you need to know: God sees you.
Sep 20, 2020 | 27:29
God wants you to see the dream He has for your life; and then live it out daily.
Sep 18, 2020 | 27:29
Hagee Ministries are committed to change America by taking all the Gospel to all the world and to all generations.
Sep 18, 2020 | 27:29
The author outlines how to boldly and fearlessly stand on the promises of God when all feels hopeless.
Sep 17, 2020 | 27:29
Joel and Victoria Osteen's message of unconditional love and unending hope reaches everyone across the world.
Sep 14, 2020 | 27:29
New Season with Pastor Sam will usher in a New Season where individuals and families will no longer live in failure or merely survive but they will thrive for the glory of Jesus.
Sep 14, 2020 | 27:29
Leon Fontaine is showing people across the earth how to unleash the miraculous in their everyday lives and take Jesus to their families; friends; and communities.
Sep 14, 2020 | 25:45
Are the expectations we place on ourselves Biblical? Let's talk about how to maintain godly self-esteem. | TBN Prayer Line: 1-888-731-1000
Sep 14, 2020 | 27:29
Everything God does lifts us up and moves us forward; even if it feels like everything around us is going down.