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Andy’s Rainbow

When a rebellious teenager is sentenced to community service, she meets a young man whose profoundly simplistic insights on life softens her heart and helps her to look at life with a newfound optimism. HD-PMC0102

Facing the Giants

A losing coach with an underdog football team faces their giants of fear and failure on and off the field to surprising results. HD-PMC0036


Fireproof is a cautionary tale for a good marriage and a ministry tool for a hurting or failing marriage. It offers a glimpse into a relationship heading for disaster. As the story opens, we meet two decent, caring, and hardworking people who have allowed their attentions and affections to stray. Although they live in the same house, they have become disrespectful and selfish strangers. Divorce seems the only option. But God intervenes when a loving father urges his son not to pursue any legal dissolution until he takes up a most unusual challenge. You would think that no challenge is too great for a brave fireman who rescues people from burning buildings, but the challenge of restoring his marriage becomes the heart and soul of this touching story. HD-PMC0038

Gallows Road

Family Man, Bob Collins is devastated by a tragic crime, creating unbearable guilt for Jake Knight. While Bob's brother Seth fights to help him reconnect with God, all three are terrorized by revenge driven bully, Snake Cain. HD-PMC0120

Like a Country Song

Like a Country Song is a story about Jake Reeson, an up and coming country singer who has the whole world in his hands until his ego gets in the way. With nothing but partying and music on his mind, Jake is forced to take a hard look at himself and the ashes around him after life slowly falls apart. HD-PMC0027

No Greater Love

Jeff and Heather Baker were life long sweethearts and happily married... for a time. But at her greatest moment of weakness, Heather abandons Jeff, forcing Jeff to raise their young son alone. Ten years later, through a God ordained encounter, Jeff and Heather meet again. They must wrestle with forgiveness, reconciliation and the pressing of the Savior on their hearts. HD-PMC0042

The Prophet’s Son

The Prophet's Son combines action, drama, and romance as it addresses teen violence, dating, pregnancy, gangs, drug abuse, family conflict, and politics inviting nuclear war. As society crumbles, faith in God becomes the only path of hope. Abel Benjamin is a talented, internationally known concert musician, and one of the sons of a respected pastor and prophet. Juliet Oscar is a published author who has loved Abel from a distance and is quietly waiting on God to reveal his plan in their lives. She lives with her widowed mother and twin, younger brothers who are trying to establish their separate identities and deal with the loss of their father. The lives of these two families intertwine as they reach inside a high school where one of the twins becomes involved in a gang and loses his life trying to prevent a school shooting. It tells the story of his brother’s anger and subsequent disappearance into the streets and the heartache of the families uniting to search for him. It begins in the year of a hotly contested presidential election and ends during the nation’s process of recovery when the new president’s inexperience opens the door to a nuclear attack. Throughout the film, there is the consistent message of love, self-sacrifice, hope and unity.​ HD-PMC0070

The Song

An aspiring singer-songwriter's life and marriage suffer when the song he writes for his wife propels him to stardom. HD-PMC0044

Waiting for Butterflies

Waiting for Butterflies is an inspirational story of healing and forgiveness. When a young daughter is taken in a tragic shooting, a family is torn apart for years. They receive news that their Grandmother’s cancer has spread and only has a short time to live. Her only wish is to bring her family together before she passes away. Through their Grandmother’s wishes and prayers, they begin to forgive and heal together and look to God for comfort. God has a plan for everyone and works miracles through unexpected people that he has put in their lives for a reason.​ HD-PMC0074

What If?

15 years ago, Ben Walker left his girlfriend and his ministry calling for a business opportunity. Now with a high-paying career and a trophy fiancé, he is visited by an angel, who gives him a glimpse into what his life would look like had he followed his calling. HD-PMC0048