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Smoketown Series

1 - This is Bigger Than We Know

A mysterious murder behind a Smoketown homeless shelter sends unexpected shockwaves throughout the city.

2 - Everyone will have a safe place…

As the murder investigation continues, Bailey sees the shelter become a place of mourning… and violence.

3 - My Heart Has Never Been Wrong

Elena’s investigation gatherers momentum, while Detective Mitchell keeps the spotlight on Dawson.

4 - We Are Favored, Protected, Powerful

When the police raid the shelter, an unexpected discovery is made.

5 - He Won’t Be Coming Home This Time

Dawson’s arrest sets the match to the fuse, and Smoketown is primed to explode.

6 - We’ll Be Safe

A full scale riot triggers both a tragic murder and a supernatural protection.

7 - I Can’t Prove It, But I Know

Bailey knows who is responsible for the death of a police officer, but Elena has to prove it.

8 - I’m not doing this by myself…

Paul finds the strength to do what is right, as Raymond is driven to do something drastic.

9 - For Those Who Have Eyes to See

The shelter is lost, and reborn, and the mystery is solved.