On Monday, May 25th, the fabric of America was changed in a moment after a 46-year-old African-American man was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis during a routine stop.


The deeply disturbing video fo teh officer kneeling for nearly nine minutes on the neck of teh helpless and dying George Floyed -- as bystandards pleasded for his life -- prompted outrge from nearly every ccorner of American society. ANtionwide protests and demonstrations over the killing quickly gave way to looting, destruction, and violence in major cities as America was once again confronted by a generations-long pandemic of unjust treatment suffered by many black Americans.

“Our hearts go out to the Floyd family and so many across the nation who have identified with this unjust tragedy,” said TBN president Matt Crouch shortly after the death of Mr. Floyd. “Forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation can and must happen — and it is up to the church in America to take the lead in facilitating this God ordained process.”

TBN had actually begun the dialogue over the past months, hosting Grammy Award-winning Christian artist Kirk Franklin and Pastor Tony Evans, along with Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, in two separate programs addressing racial injustice and reconciliation. Following Mr. Floyd’s death, TBN called on a number of high profile Christian leaders to speak into the situation in a biblical and relevant manner. “Throughout history it has been pastors and spiritual leaders who have stepped in at crucial junctures in our American journey to provide guidance — both to our public servants and to everyday citizens,” noted Matt. “They've encouraged and comforted us in our deepest tragedies and sorrow, and they've faithfully confronted and challenged us when our hearts have lost the fire of God’s love. This is one of those times, and we're grateful for the clarion voice of godly men and women calling us to repentance and change.”


Please take a few minutes to view some of the compelling messages from Christian leaders that TBN called on to speak about racial reconciliation. And CLICK HERE to view all of our recent programs on this critical issue. 

May God Forgive Us

In an emotional appeal, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Sr. discusses the deep need for white Christians to hear the heartache of their black brothers, sisters and neigh-bors, and to actively stand against any injustice. 

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