Dallas Jenkins

Dallas Jenkins

Dallas Jenkins: Breathing Life into the Stories We Cherish

Searching for high-quality faith-based content in today's colossal media landscape can often feel like navigating a maze. If you've ever been disheartened by diluted depictions of Jesus and yearned for stories that echo the genuine warmth and grace of Christianity, Dallas Jenkins is a name that will strike a harmonious chord in your heart.

"The Chosen": A Gospel Revival Capturing the Nation's Heartstrings

Dallas, the visionary creator behind the record-breaking series "The Chosen," has a gift for translating the Gospel's timeless truths into compelling cinematic experiences. Born from a lineage of storytellers, as the son of renowned "Left Behind" author Jerry Jenkins, Dallas has undoubtedly inherited a passion for narratives that touch the soul.

His journey in filmmaking has been nothing short of inspiring. From producing the independent feature "Hometown Legend" which caught the attention of Warner Brothers, to directing for giants like Universal, Lionsgate, and Amazon, Dallas has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. His film, "The Resurrection of Gavin Stone," brought a fresh perspective on redemption and faith to movie theaters in 2017.

Yet, it's "The Chosen," the largest crowd-funded media project ever, that truly encapsulates his devotion to portraying the life of Christ in a way that resonates deeply with viewers. 

To the many seeking a refuge from the mainstream media's often skewed portrayal of Christian values, Dallas Jenkins offers a cinematic haven. With each project, he crafts a bridge between faith and entertainment, reminding us of the beauty in stories that uplift and inspire. Join Dallas Jenkins on TBN and experience the transformative power of authentic Christian storytelling.


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