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Dr. Scott Hannen on TBN

Scott Hannen: Uniting Faith and Natural Healing on TBN

When pain knocks on our doors, we often find ourselves seeking temporary fixes. But what if the solutions were more straightforward, woven into the fabric of our very being? 

This is where Scott Hannen steps in, bridging the gap between faith and holistic health on his TBN show, "Stop the Pain - Telehealth." With a fresh perspective on God's design, he enlightens us on the body's innate ability to repair and rejuvenate naturally.

Having authored the transformative book, “Healing by Design,” Dr. Scott Hannen doesn’t just share words of wisdom; he offers actionable insights. His commitment to holistic health extends beyond simply offering advice, as evidenced by his line of supplements, specifically designed to help people take control of their health, improve nutrition, and heal from within.

A Renaissance Man of Health, Faith, and Innovation

Dr. Scott Hannen’s enthusiasm for holistic health transcends the simple mechanics of the body. He explores the deep connection between faith and wellness, recognizing that they are two essential components of the human experience. 

In his acclaimed book, "Stop the Pain," he blends his understanding of spirituality with physical wellness. He demonstrates how our spiritual convictions influence our physical health and underscores the age-old wisdom of natural healing.

Yet, what sets Scott apart is his embrace of modern science, evident in his pioneering "Nano Nutrients" formula. This revolutionary vitamin spray utilizes nanoparticle technology, delivering up to 5 to 15 times the absorption rate compared to traditional capsules and pills. This stands in stark contrast to relying on stimulants like caffeine or other conventional remedies.

For those grappling with health concerns, or intrigued by the confluence of faith and health, Dr. Hannen's insights offer a fresh perspective. Watch “Stop the Pain - Telehealth” on TBN to embark on a journey that explores the essence of faith and wellness, thoughtfully created for the present-day seeker.

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