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Last month I called TBN to pray for my daughter, a single mom, to get a job that would accommodate her children's schedule. Well, she got 2 job offers and both are great opportunities. Praise God for His faithfulness! Barbara // November 15 2017
Thank you for your prayers. I have had fertility treatments for years and now I'm pregnant! Praise Jesus! He is awesome! L // November 15 2017
Hallelujah! Thank you for agreeing with me in prayer two weeks ago! I will receive my doctoral degree before Thanksgiving 2017! Thank you, JESUS! Rebecca // November 14 2017
Thank you for praying for me. After fighting cancer in my right breast, I am healed. Gerry // November 14 2017
Watching TBN for so many years has gotten me through many difficult and challenging times. You have encouraged me to hold on! Denise // November 13 2017
I just finished radiation therapy for a small cancer on my neck and am doing well... and Praising God ! Freda // November 13 2017
Obey God, no matter how scary or silly it may seem. He has healed my body, so that I can have babies and finally lose weight properly! Glory be to God Almighty! Krystal // November 12 2017
So thankful to Matt and Laurie for the beautiful monthly gifts! I just LOVE the books and CD teachings. They are food to my soul and spirit! Becky // November 9 2017
Thank you for praying with me. All surgeries are completed for breast cancer and I'm in the healing phase now. Sandra // November 8 2017
Since I began watching TBN, Jesus has given me peace and taken away my anxiety and fear. No more psychiatric medications! Thank you TBN, for doing God's work. Jim // November 8 2017
Praise the Lord that when I asked TBN for prayer, my baby stopped coughing that night! Thank you Jesus! Rebecca // November 7 2017
I called for prayer for my speech-delayed 5 yr old son that he would stop biting and within 4 weeks he stopped. I thank God for answered prayer and I am trusting God for his total healing. Rain // November 7 2017
Recently, I called for prayer for my grandson's job interview as a probation officer assistant. Praise the Lord, Dustin got the job. He was one of 20 hired from 800 applicants! Thank you Jesus and thank you TBN prayer partner! Avelina // October 26 2017
I thank God every day for TBN! Whenever I need a touch from God, I just turn on TBN. The programs are so inspirational and comforting! Beverly // October 25 2017