I had written to you requesting prayer for my father. His cancer had spread to his bones. After his last test, doctors revealed that there is no more cancer! Praise the Lord! Thank you for standing with us, TBN! Brenda // September 20 2017
Thank you for praying with me for my brother and his wife who survived the hurricane in Florida. God really blessed them as they had no damage to their home or property, no power outage, and no one suffered injuries. PRAISE THE LORD! Valerie // September 18 2017
After praying with TBN, God led me to the right doctors to help me with my tooth pain. I had no dental insurance but they were able to fix the problem right away and were so kind and reasonable. Thank you so much TBN, for all you do! Sharon // September 14 2017
I thank God for TBN. It has helped me grow spiritually. TBN is always on in my room, encouraging me, enlightening me and giving my room an atmosphere of peace, and ensuring me of my future. Adeola // September 13 2017
Thank you Lord, for keeping my Dad safe through the hurricane in Florida this week. Thank you also for sparing most of Florida in spite of the force they were supposed to get hit with. Thank you Lord for your protection through it all! Elaine // September 12 2017
I have been praying for a new car and today I got approved for a loan! So thankful! Feeling very blessed. Thank you, Jesus! Michelle // September 11 2017
God has been answering prayers with a yes! He brought my friend back into my life and has been working on his life and our relationship. God is so good! Praise his name! Crystal // September 11 2017
Praise to God and thanks to everyone who prayed for us during hurricane Irma. God worked MANY miracles on our behalf and kept us safe with NO property damage! Micheaux // September 11 2017