I just wanted to say thank you for having "Adventure's with God" programs on your website. God has been challenging me each time I watch an episode. Thank you! Anonymous // July 19 2017
Today God spared me as I narrowly escaped a horrific car accident. His Angels provided a hedge of protection and surrounded me. Praise God! Sunny // July 18 2017
Because of JUCE TV - ALL of my kids are saved. Hallelujah! Cesar // July 17 2017
On June 30th this year, my daughter had severe bleeding after giving birth to my granddaughter. I prayed with Jerome (at TBN) and GOD CAME THROUGH AND STOPPED THE BLEEDING AND ELEVATED HER BLOOD PLATELETS. Praise God For His Love Over Us! Thank you TBN. Christine // July 6 2017
We want to give the Lord praise & glory for keeping our family as we walk out the later stages of my husband's lung disease. God is always good & we see Him mightily each & every day in this situation. ALL praise to Him! Diana // July 6 2017
For the second time in my life, GOD has healed my body from cancer! Roxanne // July 5 2017
I have suffered from Depression and Anxiety. I am a nurse, and became unable to work, and cried all of the time. The medicine that is healing me is God's word! I'm returning to work, and my relationship with Jesus is closer then ever! Glory to God! Teresa // July 4 2017
Last year in 2016, I asked for prayer for my daughter and her unborn child. Praise the Lord, my grandson was born Sept 6, 2016 and my daughter has found a job. She and her family are blessed by the Lord. Thank you for your prayers. Tonia // June 20 2017
I'm so grateful for the TBN prayer team who prayed that God would bless me financially! Six weeks later, I received an unexpected check from the job I got laid off from 5 yrs ago. I Give God All the Praise! Kathy // June 19 2017