Jesus Christ has healed me from a punctured lung and a broken spirit. He has healed my Mom from 4th stage ovarian cancer and brought back my run away daughter and delivered her from drugs. He has also healed my son. Thank You, Lord! Monica // May 24 2017
Earlier this year, I requested prayer for my mother who had been diagnosed with bone cancer. After more testing, she was found to be cancer free. Jesus Heals! Jonathan // May 23 2017
Praise GOD! I sent a prayer request today that my breast biopsy would be cancer free. 75 minutes later, 2 ultrasound techs and 1 Dr. could not find the lump that was there yesterday. Nancy // May 23 2017
I want to thank God for allowing me to get hired today through the temp agency and how God granted me and my family favor. What an awesome God we serve! He guides us and protects us as long as we believe. Amen. Marlena // May 22 2017
My local hospital has written off my bill. They forgave my debt to them. I don't owe them a penny!! God is Good. David // May 9 2017